Suspicious attack in New York was prosecuted for using weapons of mass destruction

Suspicious attack in New York was prosecuted for using weapons of mass destruction

Photo: AFP

The 28-year-old man on Monday was detained in the investigation into the explosions in New York on Saturday has been sued for the use of weapons of mass destruction.

That has the American prosecutor announced. He is also charged with conducting a bomb attack on a public site. He would make parts for the bomb, have bought on Ebay, according to the prosecutor.

Also, Ahmad Khan Rahami, such as the suspect is called, is suspected of leaving bombs in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Went there this weekend and explosives when a bomrobot a backpack examined. The defendant was in Linden (New Jersey) were arrested after a had exchanged fire with the police.

Was previously Rahami indicted for attempting to murder police officers and “illegal possession of firearms and illegal possession of weapons with an unlawful purpose”. At the time of his arrest were two agents wounded. One officer was saved by his bulletproof vest, the other was probably hit by flying glass fragments.


Investigators who investigate the case have a diary in which the suspect Osama Bin laden worships and the United States accuses of the “slaughter” of islamic fighters in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Palestine. Also, there are instructions to “non-believers attack.”

The FBI said previously no evidence to have found a terrorist cell. Sunday night were related to the investigation, five persons held in a car from the direction from New Jersey to Brooklyn, reason. The people would have weapons on themselves have had.

Or there is a link between Rahami and the five arrested persons wanted the FBI did not say. However, reported a spokesperson for that at this time no other persons are suspected.


Rahami is suspected to be a Saturday together with several people in an attack in the New York city borough of Chelsea to have committed. It got 29 people injured.

The police came shortly after the explosion in Chelsea on a second explosive device made of a pressure cooker. The discovery happened more or less by chance. The police found the explosive on the sidewalk of 27th Street, after two men about the thing were stumbled and decided the bag to take. The explosive they left behind on the street. It turns out that that according to the police after examining camera images.

It is unclear what the men drifted to the bag to take. Nevertheless, the men regarded as witnesses and not as suspects. The police would like with them in conversation.

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