Suspension of football in the Spanish league is over after the agreement

Suspension of football in the Spanish league is over after the agreement

The suspension of football in the Spanish league is in the past. The spelersvakbond AFE reported on Monday that an agreement on the terms of employment was imminent.

The players of the clubs in the Primera División Femenina declined during the past weekend of action as they were not satisfied, and have been trying to have a collective agreement with minimum contracts and have a minimum number of hours of use.

At the end of October, voted with 93 percent of the players, including Dutch international Lieke Martens, Stefanie van der Gragt (both of FC Barcelona), Sari van Veenendaal (Atlético Madrid), and Merel van Dongen (Real Betis), though in the case of a strike.

The Spanish football federation RFEF were two weeks ago, a total amount of € 1.15 million in order to meet the salariseisen of the players to meet, which makes a difference when on the track it seemed, but on Saturday there was a kink in the line.

“Back to square one, we play football not”

“The clubs are not in agreement with the collective bargaining agreement. The league has been trying to help me. They were prepared to sacrifice up to 1.5 million euros in them, but no matter what all rights to the competition. In violation of the contracts, which are between the club and Mediapro. Back to square one. We play soccer not,” wrote Van Dongen on Twitter.

The minimum wage is at least eighteen players from each club will be around 16,000 euros. New televisiecontracten this amount may go up to 18,000 or $ 20,000. Also, are players financially compensated for an injury, or, in the case of pregnancy.

La Liga Femenina, it is eight speelrondes along the way. She and the Van der Gragt to go to FC Barcelona-head with 22 points, followed by defending champions Atlético Madrid (21), where, From the West, as well as Deportivo de La Coruña (19 points).

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