Suspect in the murder of an actress, yoga teacher charged in 6 other crimes in 2016

Adrian Dwayne Johnson was allegedly in possession of Tricia McCauley’s car.


The man is suspected of the murder of a Washington, D. C. yoga instructor and part-time actress has been charged with a criminal offence, six times in 2016 – including just a few days for Tricia McCauley was found sexually assaulted and strangled to death in her car early Tuesday.

Adrian Dwayne Johnson, 29, who also goes by Dwayne Adrian Johnson, was charged on Dec. 17 for the alleged theft of a CVS and Meridian pcs. At a hearing for those cases, a judge ordered Johnson to wear a GPS monitoring bracelet, but there is no record that he ever showed up to the receive of the device, FOX5 reported.


The next time that the police seized Johnson, they were arresting him and charging him with first-degree murder in McCauley’s death.

Authorities linked Johnson McCauley, after he allegedly robbed another cvs on Monday, while in possession of her car.


Late Monday, police sent a critical missing person alert with images of McCauley, with her striking, small, white Toyota Scion and the defendant.

Not long afterwards, the police stated that officers responded to a sighting of the car and found it. When she went inside a nearby CVS, they found the suspect, who gave them the key. Police found McCauley reacts in the car and she was pronounced dead early Tuesday, according to the police report.

Johnson’s six other charges stem from the alleged theft or robbery. He is also wanted in two other provinces for it not to show in the court in other theft cases, NBC4 reported. Johnson has been ordered to undergo several mental health screenings and attending drug rehabilitation in the past cases, however, it is unclear whether any of the screenings took place, or the rehab was completed.

Interim police chief Peter Newsham said that the police do not believe McCauley, 46, and Johnson knew each other, and they don’t know how Johnson found McCauley.

The last known contact with McCauley was around 4:30 pm Sunday, Newsham said. McCauley was expected with a large Christmas dinner that night, but host Bill Largess said on Tuesday they had not arrived when they were ready to start. People text and called, but got no response. McCauley had come to the dinner for the last 15 years, but they were not too worried, because she had slept through it once a few years ago. But the next morning they heard that she missed a flight to visit family on the west coast.

“When we knew that there was something definitely wrong,” Largess said.

A wake was held on Tuesday evening in a yoga studio, where McCauley worked. She reportedly also worked as Jenna Dewan Tatum’s stand-in in the 2006 film “Step Up.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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