Suspect in Belgian window cleaner, confessions to a serial killer to be

A Belgian window cleaner, who was arrested on suspicion of two killings in the early nineties, and has spontaneous with two different murders, no. In front of the two cold cases that had the police, the 55-year-old man is still not in the picture.

The police had a window cleaner Stephaan, D. L., the previous year, is arrested for the murder of a female janitor in 1992. She has worked in a building where the suspect, the windows are always ready to help you. D. L. was, in this case, in the image of a DNA match.

The Belgian public prosecutor’s office had to be D. L.’s now also in their sights in the investigation of another murder, at one time, the 38-year-old from Antwerp, in December 1997. The window cleaner had so far kept quiet about its involvement in the matter, to report to Belgian media reports.

In the course of questioning by the examining magistrate earlier in the week, well-known to the man of murder, however, and he confessed spontaneously, and two other women were killed in the early nineties.

In order TO go to the coldcasezaken for research involving

It’s going to have two unsolved murders from 1992 to 1994, where the man is never in the picture there. It is not clear as to why the guy is so spontaneous, his actions are known. The public prosecutor’s office to participate in two coldcasezaken in the study.

It is expected that the window cleaner continued to be to the four murders.


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