Survey: 29% of the Dutch population means of dementia would prefer to be secret

Nearly one in three Dutch citizens would have preferred to keep that a secret, that he or she is dementerend is shown on Friday off of a large international study of alzheimer’s disease.

With a market share of 29 percent, about the Netherlands is slightly above the European average of 25 percent of the time. The taboo of the disease, it is big in Russia (67%) and Poland (58%). Also, the south and the French in both countries, the proportion is 34 per cent), and for concealing the disease, rather compared to the family members and friends.

In order to make their findings, said the researchers, 70,000 people from 155 countries on their experiences with the disease. The results in the run-up to World Alzheimer’s Day is on a Saturday, was published in the World Alzheimer’s Report, By 2019: Attitudes to dementia (. pdf).

According to Henriette Bronze, Alzheimer’s disease, the Netherlands, people with dementia are often hidden out of fear that they will be treated. They are, for example, be afraid that it is not with them, but about them, the talk will be,” she says. “We often hear that people are using the word to focus on for the partner of the patients suffering from dementia.”

Also the fear of patients suffering from dementia, people in accordance with the Bronze, that other people don’t see it as the same person, as they will tell you that they have the disease to suffer from. “Millions of people don’t like to be patronized is to be used. Especially since they often have a lot on our own, especially in the beginning.”

It’s the difference between forgetfulness and dementia

‘Dementia is still a taboo subject’

Alzheimer’s disease, the Netherlands, the concern about hersenziektes such as dementia is still a taboo, it depends. “It’s not a desire, but often people do not know what dementia was, exactly, and found it to be exciting. It is to help people with dementia themselves also have to be open about their disease, this will enhance the understanding of, and an opportunity to help,” says Brons.

Over the years I have 82,000 people with a form of dementia. These people live for around 70 per cent are still at home. “We want to do with all of that, it is longer involved in the company, but we will all have to be able to,” she says. Alzheimer’s disease, the Netherlands begin on Saturday, with a campaign that focused on the whole of society. As well as the bus driver and the shop owner, there is still a lot of work to catch up,” said Bronze.


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