Surveillance video outside FOX 4 in Dallas shows the moment that the man repeatedly plow truck in the construction



Surveillance video shows a man driving in Dallas FOX station

Man repeatedly rams truck into FOX 4 News.

Newly released surveillance video shows the moment a man crashed his truck repeatedly into the side of the FOX 4 studios in Dallas early Wednesday in an apparent attempt to draw attention to an officer-involved shooting that happened six years ago.

Michael Chadwick Fry, 34, repeatedly into collision with the large windows near the entrance of the building in the center of about 6 hours, just before the station in the morning show took to the air, smashing a number of them, the police say.

In a video released by FOX 4, the truck is powered by the Fry can be seen to slow down to a standstill for quick acceleration and run in the building.

The truck driven by Michael Chadwick Fry can be seen, still a run for the FOX4 buidling.

(FOX 4)

The truck then returns, dragging a crumpled of the floor-to-ceiling windows on the sidewalk, before speeding back into the building. After striking the building, Fry came, “began to scold” and the places of lots of boxes with piles of paper around his truck.

This Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2018, photo of the Dallas County Jail shows Michael Chadwick Fry, who was taken into custody Wednesday after he rammed a pick-up truck to the central building of Dallas’ Fox television affiliate.

(Dallas County Jail)

“Initially, when he was in the bed of the truck, he was yelling out ‘treason! Treason!’ As he to the window, he tried to explain something that involved the Denton County Sheriff’s Department,” FOX 4 reporter Brandon Todd called after watching the scene unfold. “He claims that someone tried to kill him and eventually hitting a family member of him and he was so want justice, I think. But at a certain point, he said, ” And they come to me. They come after me trying to kill me.'”


No one in the building was injured, and cook was taken into custody without confrontation with the police. He is now faced with the costs for the crime of criminal mischief.

The 34-year-old has a long criminal history of arrests for violence, disorderly conduct, public drunkenness, DWI, and burglary in the neighboring Denton County, according to FOX 4.

In this image from video by Fox 4, Michael Chadwick Fry is detained after crashing his pick-up truck to the side of the Fox affiliate television station building in downtown Dallas.

(FOX 4)

Dallas Police Major Max Geron reported on social media that Fry had “psychological problems” and wanted to get the attention of the media for the 2012 fatal shooting death of an acquaintance, Roberto Hernandez, by a sheriff’s deputy in Denton County, northwest of Dallas. Authorities said the deputy shot and killed Hernandez after he rammed a patrol vehicle, and that Container was in the car with Hernandez at the time.

One of the scattered paper shows handwritten notes on an article about the 2012 shooting. A part of the notes said: “She tried (sic) to kill me. And they are missing. And beat him.”

Michael Chadwick Fry was held on the right side after crashing his pick-up truck to the side of the Fox 4 station building in downtown Dallas on Wednesday.

(FOX 4)

When he was imprisoned in the prison, Fry told reporters he crashed out of the FOX 4 building to get attention for the pictures, and was not making threats against the tv station.

“I just wanted to call out the cavalry,” he said. “To the power of the people and the media to do their work.”

Officials said that after Baking it crashed in the building, he began “crazy.”

(FOX 4)

A woman told FOX 4 she is known to Bake since he was 12, said his behaviour has always been a point of concern.

“He is a troublemaker. It is just the way he was,” Kim Knowler said. “I think every area has one. He was one of us for sure.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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