Surprise: Michael Moore launches anti-Trumpdocumentaire

The American documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, known for Bowling for Columbine, two weeks before the election, the documentary Michael Moore in TrumpLand launched. Wednesday is going to that premiere.

Michael Moore © Reuters

Moore was reportedly on the idea of a Trumpdocumentaire during a recent visit to England. He would be so shocked of the sudden Brexit-the majority-that he at all wants to put to a majority vote for Donald Trump to prevent. So said so done: two weeks ago, looked he in a few days Michael Moore in Trumpland in. According to The Guardian, it is not onderzoeksreportage à la his previous hits Bowling for Columbine (2002) and Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004), but does Moore’s more a spoken word performance.

Who is Moore to know that he is a sharp from the corner. If we have a reviewer from the New York Times may believe, he is this time, remarkably mild. ‘Moore, one of the best-known provocateurs from the film world, doesn’t seem interested in provoking’, it sounds. “The film is not an attack on Trump, but a hymn of praise to his opponent Hillary Clinton‘. It is striking that Moore during the voorkiezingen conjectured as a supporter of Clinton’s opponent, Bernie Sanders.

Populism and truths

According to the New York Times and The Guardian, that even though a reviewer should send, Moore a strikingly positive message that focuses on the good side of Hillary Clinton. That tactic is aware of it, Moore says in The Guardian: “What this country does not need, is a horror movie about Donald Trump. That he makes himself.’

Itself is New York Times not wild about the film. ‘Moore has a serious, but not very entertaining pro-Clinton campagnefilm made. Sometimes funny, sometimes sincere. But compared to the rest of his work is the rather lukewarm’, it sounds. “All good intentions to the contrary, Moores unique blend of fat-induced populism and hard-truths is not what is needed to the sleeping brain of the Trumpstemmer a wake-up call’ ,it sounds in The Guardian.

The film is Wednesday premiered at the IFC Center, a arthousebioscoop in New York. On 19 October the film on a large scale. Or Michael Moore in TrumpLand also to Belgium, is not yet known. (JVL)

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