Suriname takes two Dutch terrorismeverdachten on

Suriname takes two Dutch terrorismeverdachten on

The Surinamese police Sunday night two Surinamese from the netherlands was arrested on suspicion of involvement in terrorist activities.

That has the Surinamese ministry of Justice and Police Tuesday in a press release published. According to the statement, there are no indications that indicate immediate danger.

“Up to now, are also from the facts and circumstances and research, it is not yet proved that the defendants a danger would have been for a mission or embassy in this country established”, citing the Suriname Starnieuws the message of the ministry.

The department responded with this statement on news of the local newspaper The West. That reported that the American ambassador in Paramaribo intended target of the IS-terrorists. Also wrote to the newspaper that the American services the Surinamese authorities had informed and to Suriname were gone.

Surinamese intelligence

The ministry stressed that the suspects are arrested on the basis of information of Surinamese intelligence agencies and witnesses. The actions are therefore not undertaken on the basis of foreign information.

There are more suspects arrested in addition to the two Dutchmen. The Surinamese ministry of Justice and Police has no further information given about the arrested suspects or their intentions. That the intelligence services for some time, alert for a threat, evidenced by the fact that the Surinamese authorities last week through the radio announced that the flight to America additional checks would be.

Legal assistance

Lawyer Raoul Lobo is Monday by the parents of the two men approached the suspects and legal assistance. The lawyer may not tell you more about the suspects or the circumstances as he was not with them. They are housed in a secret place.

Lobo expects them in the short term to be able to speak. “There is now very mysteriously done, but they will still contact can make,” says the lawyer. Lobo is a Dutch lawyer who has long been active in Suriname.


The ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague does not yet have information about the arrested suspects. “We find out what hand is”, said a spokesman Tuesday night.

Also, the National office of the Public Ministry can say nothing about the arrest of the Dutch.
“It is a Surinamese studies”, said a spokeswoman.

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