Surgeons Radboudziekenhuis in Nijmegen stopped with hand

Surgeons Radboudziekenhuis in Nijmegen stopped with hand

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Doctors and nurses of the Radboudziekenhuis in Nijmegen have stopped giving a hand to chirurgiepatiënten. That means one contact less with the patient, and thus a reduced chance of bacterieoverdracht.

“Bacterieoverdracht can be of vital importance in people who have less resistance. That is often the case with operatiepatiënten”, says head of the Surgery department Kees van Laarhoven against the AD.

Van Laarhoven came up with a year ago that the security in the hospital would be as good as the hands shake to omit and in the meantime the trial in the Radboudumc successfully considered. “Patients look just as weird, you should explain. But then there is always plenty of understanding.”

“Look at the drive of five of the who about hand hygiene has developed”, says Van Laarhoven. “Then you see: one of the five contacts and thus risicomomenten for disease transmission becoming established is eliminated.”


The Radboudumc wants to also commit to other health departments.

According to a spokesman of the Dutch Association of Hospitals, it is quite understandable that the Radboudumc choose from hygiëneoverwegingen.

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