Sure 32 dead in siege, Myanmar police force by islamic militias

Sure 32 dead in siege, Myanmar police force by islamic militias

Photo: AFP

In Myanmar have muslim militia coordinated attacks carried out on 24 different police stations. In the event of attack was a homemade bomb was used. At least ten policemen and a soldier were killed, as least 21 insurgents.

One hundred and fifty rebels tried an army base in the state of Rakhine to penetrate, says the government. The battles would be in some places still are ongoing, and military sources reported to Reuters that the death toll may still rise.

Most of the inhabitants of the country are buddhist, the attackers belong to a separate ethnic group: the Rohingya. They live mostly in the Rakhine, where the attacks in the night from Thursday to Friday were carried out.

The attacks are an all-time low in years of relentless conflict between the Rohingya and the government. In October attacked the muslims, and also police stations.

The army responded with an offensive in which innocent Rohingya civilians were killed,tortured and raped. 87.000 Rohingya’s fled to Bangladesh. Myanmar rejected then UN-allegations of gang rape, and mass murder directed against the Rohingya people.

Earlier this month walked out of the tensions in the area again, when Burmese security forces a new “opruimingsoperatie” started in the village Rathetaung, where both buddhist and muslims live.


Thursday, a panel of international experts under the leadership of former UN secretary-general Kofi Annan, a one-year study to the situation in Myanmar.

Annan advised the government of the de facto head of state Aung Suu Kyi to put on a “calibrated” way with the Rohingya to go and no excessive use of force. He warned of the risk of radicalisation of the muslim minority, if the issues are not being addressed.

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