Sure 27 deaths from plague in Madagascar

Sure 27 deaths from plague in Madagascar

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Sure 27 people in the recent time in the south of Madagascar succumbed to the plague.

A further 68 people have been infected in the regions of Atsimo-Atsinanana and Ihorombe. Reported that the health authorities Monday.

Bubonic plague

In the majority of the victims regarding the bubonic plague, but there are also five known cases of the easily transferable longpest.

Last week, another about thirty pestgevallen by telephone reported from remote villages in Ihorombe, but which are not yet confirmed, according to a joint statement from the ministry of Health and the world health organization WHO.


The disease is infamous for the huge numbers of deaths due to outbreaks in Europe in the past. The plague put out probably for the first time in Athens in 430 v.Chr. the header on. In 541, approximately 25 million people by the plague.

In the middle ages died, half the European population by the so-called black death. Yet in 1861, China had approximately ten million deaths due to an outbreak.


The disease occurs nowadays, but rarely with people. Madagascar is an exception; since the eighties, turns up the disease there every year, and especially in the last few years require that outbreaks still more victims. Since 2010, the WHO five hundred pestdoden on the African island.

People become infected with bubonic plague when they are bitten by a flea which is normally on rats nest. Longpest is transmitted through the air.

Symptoms include coughing and blood spitting. The chance of cure is high, if the disease is timely diagnosed.

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