Sure 1,500 people died due to floods in South Asia

Sure 1,500 people died due to floods in South Asia

Photo: AFP

Massive flooding in south Asia this summer to more than 1,500 human lives. The fear is that the number of fatalities will continue to rise.

In India, the majority of the victims due to the floods: over 1,300.

Sure 41 million people in Bangladesh, India and Nepal affected by the floods, which are now already weeks. They are their house lost or had taken the precaution of escape for the water. In Nepal and Bangladesh, a third of the total land area under water.

The figures are from the United Nations and the Red Cross, who are sounding the alarm ringing over the situation in the area. They fear that the disaster unfolding in Asia, less attention is given now a lot of the media are full of focus on the floods in Texas as a result of hurricane Harvey.


Heavy floods during monsoon cost hundreds of Indians life

Extreme monsoon

The floods are the result of extreme monsoon rains from June already hold. The water has multiple landslides caused, which has led to massive mudslides.

In Nepal the past week, thousands of houses washed away. Dozens of people disappeared in the mud. Elephants were used during rescue; rescue workers had to raft building of bamboo and banenbladeren.

But hundreds of people are still missing. The areas in Nepal which are flooded belong to the poorest of the country. The families in these villages live from agriculture on a small scale. Many of these people have lost everything struck by the massive mudslides.


Elephants help in the evacuation of tourists after floods in Nepal

Hard hit

In India, the northern state of Bihar, the most affected by the monsoon hit. In Mumbai, the largest and busiest city of India and the capital of the state of Maharashtra, came to Tuesday’s public life almost entirely to a halt because of the flooding.

The International Red Cross is, as usual, attentive to the outbreak of infectious diseases. The monsoon period lasts till late in september.

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