Supreme court of Israel calls dwangvoeding not against the law

Supreme court of Israel calls dwangvoeding not against the law

Photo: AFP

The forced feeding of prisoners on hunger strike are gone, it is allowed according to Israeli law. That the Israeli supreme court on Sunday.

The court rejects this petition, the Israeli Medical Association (IMA) and human rights organizations against the law dwangvoeding allows. June last year gave the Israeli government the green light for that law.

The IMA is a fierce opponent of the law, because they see it as a form of torture, writes the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. It is also feared that especially Palestinians in Israeli prisons, there will be the victims.

The IMA calls on doctors for ethical reasons, not with dwangvoeding to interfere, even if there is a law that allows it.

Danger to life

It comes to the dwangvoeden of prisoners who are on hunger strike and whose life is in danger. A prisoner on hunger strike, according to the court, “no ordinary patient, but someone who deliberately and voluntarily putting itself in a dangerous situation, place of protest, or a personal or political goal to reach”.

Israel called the law in the life because it is afraid that the hunger strikers die. This in turn may lead to protests and unrest in the West Bank.

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