Supporters of the former president Morales clash with police in Bolivia

Supporters of the former president Morales clash with police in Bolivia

Fans of the recently-former-Bolivian-president Evo Morales on Thursday met with the police, and after a oppositielid Jeanine Añez is on Wednesday declared an interim president.

In the Bolivian city of La Paz is littered with the followers of the former president with the stones, and encouraged them to fire, which the police responded by tear gas shot in to the masses.

Morales resigned on Sunday following weeks of protests against him. He has been accused of fraud, after he was in October, with the victory of the men claimed as the voting early and were closed down. Morales was fourteen years of age a long time, the power in the country.

The former president fled to Mexico, where he has political asylum, have been given. He referred to this as a coup d’état against him, and the appointment of Añez, that would be, according to him, confirm it.

A supporter of Morales, as the set of Añez is illegal, because the government has not been formally adopted by the u.s. senate. Añez says, as soon as possible, new elections to be willing to write it. Morales said on Wednesday that he was ready to go back to the times when the nation asks for it, according to his own words, ” to be “Bolivia, feel free to ask”.

The senate had on Wednesday to vote on an interim president

Bolivia’s senate, came to Wednesday’s meeting to vote on a new interim president. There were not enough senators present to be able to do this because the members of the party of Morales, and the mood of the year. Nevertheless, it called for oppositielid Añez himself the interim president.

Following the resignation of Morales, and his vice-president would be Añez, according to the constitution, the next in line for the presidency to be able to take the senate. They are calling for a democratic transition, that is to renounce it in accordance with its “totalitarian government” of Morales.

Morales arrived on Tuesday in Mexico

The former president came out Tuesday night (local time) in Mexico. Earlier in the day, got a Mexican plane, it on. The unit is finished, then in France, because of several Latin American countries to have access to their airspace, had to be rejected.

The Mexican government would have Us counterparts, mr. having been informed about the decision to bring Morales, asylum seekers have to provide. The United States has to offer to make the journey of Morales support.

In response to the turmoil after the resignation of Morales, the US, the family members of those who work for the U.S., called on Bolivia to the left. In addition, Us citizens advised against travel to the country.


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