Supporters of Roda JC, hunt sponsor, Garcia de la Vega stadium

Supporters of Roda JC will have a Friday during the home game against De Graafschap, a Mexican lender, Mauricio Garcia de la Vega chased out of the stadium.

That’s what happened in the rest of the encounter in the Kitchen, the Champion of a Division. At first it was there, in the room, still talking, but quickly ran up the irritation.

On several of the images show that Garcia de la Vega to the outside pushed out, without anyone intervening. Once there is a threat of collapse to fall, but the police intervened.

The police of Limburg-had called “a potential investor of the Roda, in a safety in the first place. The guy had it in for the rest of the game with a conversation with supporters that will get him out of the stadium and brought to where he is in the uk came up.” The police continued to investigate.

Garcia de la Vega, is the proposed owner of Roda JC, but the fans will see to him, would prefer to not come up. A protest has remained, therefore, in the first half of the match against De Graafschap, as a part of the stands will be empty.

Angry fans @rodajckerkrade spend, Mauricio Garcia de la Vega stadium. That’s what happened during the rest of the Site at The County.

AvatarAuteurZO_NWSMoment of plaatsen19:03 pm – september 27, 2019 at the latest

The appgebruikers: click on the tweet to see how the supporters of Roda JC, Mauricio Garcia de la Vega stadium, very angry.

Banners with insults to the address of Garcia de la Vega

There were also some signs with text that is clear, with not a lot to be desired. If there was any of the work that Garcia de la Vega as a “puta” (whore) is on.

The particular supporters were using the social media has made it clear to intending to bid farewell to Garcia de la Vega, because he was, in their eyes, very little lives up to its promises.

They are going to assume that there will be any other candidates for the club’s support, but he would like that, ” Garcia de la Vega, first off. The supporters are said to be willing to take a helping hand.

Roda JC is in a sporting crisis. The Kerkradenaren, trained by Jean-Paul de Jong, will occupy eight speelrondes is only the sixteenth place in the Kitchen as the Champion of a Division, but held in The County, however, on a 1-to-1.

To view the results of the program, and the state is in the Kitchen, the Champion Division

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