Supervisor, US doesn’t allow the top regions of Iranian airspace to fly in

In the American aviation authority the FAA prohibits Us airlines over several regions in Iran’s airspace, flying. The reason for the prohibition is the increasing tension between the United States and Iran, the us Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), in the night from Thursday to Friday, the well-known, in a statement.

The strains were Thursday’s high, and at the same time it was known that Iran is a state of the art drone from the U.S., had been shot down.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard corps told an American spiondrone, an RQ-4 Global Hawk, a value of 130 million u.s. dollars have been shot dead in the southern province of Hormozgan. In the U.S., said in a comment that there were no unmanned aircraft of the U.s. armed forces in Iran that were involved.

According to Washington, was flying the drone in international airspace over the Straits of Hormuz. This area is an important transport corridor for oil and is regarded as one of the strategically most significant country in the world.


Alleged images of the Persian army, drone US down

“There were several commercial operations in the area”

The FAA revealed that it is the closest commercial flight is approximately 72 kilometres away, the drone is removed. There would be more planes in the area were.

The civil aviation authority is concerned about the increasing tensions and military activity in the area. The FAA calls it, is an important precautionary measure, “given that Iran is ready to make long-range missiles in the international airspace without any warning to them.

Last month, the FAA will be there for companies to use caution when flying over Iran and surrounding areas from the Gulf of Oman. The increased level of military activity and political tensions as reasons.


He mentions the shooting down of a drone by Iran’s ‘big mistake’

United Airlines drops flights between New York and Mumbai

Earlier in the night from Thursday to Friday, it was announced that American airlines and United Airlines, the flight between Newark, new jersey to New York city and Mumbai, India is provisionally suspended, as the commercial flight for a long time, the Iranian sky is.

“In light of the current events in Iran, we have an in-depth safety and security assessment of our Indian service, through the Iranian airspace, conducted, and decided to suspend it,” said United on its web site.


Olietankercrisis: Why is the strait in Iran’s interest?

The republicans in the US, demanding action against Iran

A number of prominent Republicans from both the House of Representatives in the US want the US to take measures.

“Iran, in international waters, as a unit of the United States is attacked,” said Republican Kevin McCarthy. “It is important comes a week after the country’s two commercial oil tankers in the international waters, has attacked and destroyed it.” McCarthy has found support in the Republican party, Michael McCaul Mac Thornberry and Devin Nunes.

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