Supernatural-actors: “Directing is to get the feelings of the crew members’

Jensen Ackles as a director, of the horror series Supernatural, with a lot more things to consider than as an actor. The feelings and emotions of the crew to count this, ” he said Sunday on the show, DC Comic-Con to ask a question from the audience.

“In the first episode, which I directed, was so easy,” says the actor, who was also in the tv series. “This was due to the fact that I have so little knowledge. The more I wrote, the more I have learned. As an actor, I’m responsible for is one link in the chain. But as a director, I am responsible for the entire chain. I have to make the decisions for the whole crew.”

“The fastest way to get the respect of your crew is losing it, if something happens and you don’t immediately have an answer for you,” adds Ackles continued. “There, look, eighty pairs of eyes on you, asking the question,” what are we going to do now, boss? If you are not on the up, and then they think, ‘ whatever. One of the best pieces of advice any other film I have an answer at the ready. You can always change your mind. However, if you don’t care, ” or “it doesn’t matter,” said it, then you have the person’s job is devalued. In other words, you need to ask the questions that others have, and the decisions you make, and what others have to contribute to the production.”

It is, according to Ackles as a director, a lot of you. “It’s just a matter of balanceerkunst. You will need to have a crew to lead, answers, and everything is to keep an eye on. I’ve seen people fail and people succeed. I am trying to be successful, people have to do that.”

Ackles, in Supernatural, Dean Winchester, is a six episodes of the series will be directed. The last of these six episodes is on the 7th of november in the united states today.


See at 17:55, the response by Jensen Ackles on directing

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