Supermarkets have week need to shelves with eggs to fill

Supermarkets have week need to shelves with eggs to fill

Supermarkets have at least until the end of the week to keep their eierassortimenten back in order to get. That says René Roorda, the director of the Centraal Bureau Levensmiddelenhandel (CBL), Monday.

“In a lot of supermarkets are the shelves pretty empty, we are trying to get everything back to fill”.

The eggs that are still in the shelves, according to Roorda all safe. However, he cannot exclude the possibility that more eggs had to be recalled. That is because the black list of the NVWA which the eicodes of eggs with fipronil is continuously updated.

Saturday night, the list is enhanced with fourteen companies. It is time to zelfmelders’, sites that are not from the administration of bestrijdingsbedrijf ChickFriend have come to the fore but which themselves have reported to the NVWA. “So it may be that eierboeren are still reluctant to report,” says Roorda.

Last week, they had millions of eggs at thousands of supermarkets be recovered as a result of the gifschandaal with fipronil.


What are the dangers of eating infected eggs?


Foods where eggs are infected with fipronil are safe to eat. If the substance is already in it, are the concentrations so low that they are no danger to one’s health, says Marian Geluk, director of the Federation of Dutch Food industry (FNLI) on the basis of research by the sector.

According to her, the need there is currently no foods from the shelves to be removed. Happiness can not say how much products are researched and at how many products fipronil is found.

Eggs are in many processed products, including mayonnaise, cake, ice cream, bread, croquettes, pasta, pancakes, cereal and chocolate.


Six partner animal organisations protesting Monday afternoon in the province of Drenthe at the finish with fipronil-contaminated chickens. According to the groups having the chickens not to be killed because the prohibited substance after four to six weeks from the kippenlijven can are after the eggs again can be used.

The organizations (Committee Dierennoodhulp, Livestock, An animal, a friend, Rights for all living things, a Rabbit in Need and the foundation Dierennood) got earlier to the court to prevent farmers their infected animals to a “purely financial reason” would kill it. They were to be in the wrong.

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