Supermarkets continue to products where egg is selling

Supermarkets continue to products where egg is selling

The supermarkets follow the advice of the Dutch Food and consumer product safety Authority (NVWA), that a wide variety of products where eggs are processed, not from the shelves need.

But they find that the long delay before there is clarity came, said director Rene Roorda of the Centraal Bureau Levensmiddelenhandel (CBL) Wednesday in the Radio 1 News.

In products such as egg paste pastries, egg salad and mayonnaise is the pesticide fipronil in very small concentrations encountered. But consumers will have “no worries”, said a spokesman for the NVWA Tuesday. “Not even if you have something more to eat.”

For the study, ultimately, commercial labs used, but Roorda is that long has lasted. “We have to be here, lessons to learn for the future.” The CBL will the issue be raised in consultation with the NVWA Wednesday afternoon, where secretary of state, Martijn van Dam (Agriculture) is present.

Previously, the super size of eight to ten million eggs off the shelves that were contaminated with fipronil. Expected to have supermarkets at least until the end of the week to keep their eierassortimenten back in order to get.


What are the dangers of eating infected eggs?


The NVWA and the National trade Union for poultry producers (LVP) want Wednesday to make arrangements on how to clean eggs and non-infected chickens of blocked companies. The farmers are desperate for appointments. That has Hennie de Haan of the LVP Tuesday night in Barneveld said.

According to De Haan, it is high time that the ‘eierstroom’ again. “The crisis lasts now for two weeks. Farmers who are more stables have still do not know what they should do if a stable is infected with fipronil and the other housing is not. Supervisors are also not clear-cut. It should really float.”

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