‘Supermarkets antics still with the biotechnology industry’

‘Supermarkets antics still with the biotechnology industry’

Supermarkets have their promise to industrievarkens from the vleesschapen to banish massively broken. In the last quarter, was fully gestunt with this ‘exiled flesh’, says Awake Animal Wednesday.

According to the dierenwelzijnsorganisatie was in the third quarter of this year, less than 43 percent of the folderaanbiedingen for pork a biotechnology industry. That his pigs all their lives sitting indoors in an empty loft.

Awake Animals indicates that pork with a star, hard to get, because one pig, but two, chicken breast fillet, mozzarella yields. “Supermarkets know that there is too little stock of pork tenderloin with star to join the antics. But instead of stopping with stunts, they throw their promise overboard and kiloknallen they go for biotechnology industry”, says the organization.

All the supermarkets promised that in 2013 the major pork to be replaced by the ‘pig of tomorrow’: pork with 1 Better Life-star of animal Protection. However, there are still quite often pork without label in the folders.

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