Supermarket plastic tunnel in the vicinity of the car park is a holiday ‘tourist attraction’ by TripAdvisor

Plastic supermarket tunnel was the highest rated attraction in an English town.
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There is a special place in England that you would not think that as a tourist attraction, until you see it during the Christmas.

A plastic tunnel, the so called Bude Tunnel, close to a parking lot at an adjacent supermarket in Bude, Cornwall, England. At any other time of the year, it is a fairly innocuous area. However, it is displayed as a tourist attraction on TripAdvisor.

In fact, back in September, the tunnel was actually ranked as one of the best attractions in the area on the site, with more than 160 comments, many of which are rated as “good” according to the BBC. It has since been nicknamed “Britain’s most unlikely tourist attraction.”

According to the tunnel profile on TripAdvisor, and it consists of 36 metal arches and is more than 70 metres (almost 230 feet) long. “Nowhere else in Bude can you walk so far undercover in a continuous straight line,” says the about the profile.


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Even though it is a popular place during most of the year, it is especially “magical”, according to reviews on TripAdvisor, and in December. And looking at the photos, it is easy to see why.

People are flocking to the tunnel to ring in the holiday season. The tunnel itself is equipped with thousands of multicolored christmas lights, making it a truly Instagram-worthy destination.

Nevertheless, there are a few skeptics who are surprised by the tunnel’s popularity, according to Cornwall to Live. A lot of other reviewers don’t seem to understand the tunnel is hilarious and ironic traits. A reviewer said: “People I’m not even sure why this is set up as a place! It is a Plexiglas tunnel on the side of a supermarket – we use it as the Sainsbury’s car park is free for 90 minutes so it was very useful, but I wouldn’t go out of your way to visit, and I certainly don’t think it’s of any architectural importance,” said Cornwall Live.

The official lighting of the tunnel took place on Dec. 7, and the lights will continue through Dec. 13, according to the BBC. Hopefully the massive influx of visitors to convince one of the tunnel owners to keep the lights for a few weeks. Maybe even a gift shop is in order.

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