Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano make diversity central to the new show

The dj and producer duo Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano wants to create a new form of action, for a message to pass on at their next few shows, and they said, Wednesday night in the talk show, home cooked apple pie.

James and Marciano acting for many years as a dj duo, and once again this year, in the SEA-Live at the Amsterdam Dance Event. In the show, they are going to perform is going to be different than the previous shows. According to the duo, this will be the first show where they party and have fun also to have a message and want to give it to the public.

The new course, which is part of a much larger project, and they want the public to pass on what is really important in their lives, ” says the duo, home cooked apple pie. “To create a new culture in which diversity is paramount,” says James.

How do the shows have the exact design will be, it is not fully understood. The duo has worked hard to put this together.

There will be a documentary to follow, quotations, and a visual connection to the inspirations of a duo to show. “It is important to have a party and have fun, but we also think it’s important that people are encouraged to think about,” said James.

The show is Exposed, it will be on the 18th of October held at SEA-Live at the Amsterdam Dance Event.

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