Summit between Kim and Trump ends without agreement

The summit meeting of the Us president, Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un in Hanoi is a few hours early than expected. The White House has announced that there is no agreement is reached between the two leaders.

A lunch between the two leaders was cancelled. Kim left the Metropole hotel, where the talks were held, around 7: 30 pm Dutch time. A few minutes later, he left Trump.

Trump described at a press conference after the end of the summit two-day meeting with Kim as “productive”, but added that it still was not possible to come to an agreement. “They were willing to make any promises on several fronts, but not on the fronts that we wanted to.”

“Sometimes you have to run away”, summarized Trump’s negotiations with Kim together.

A spokesman of the South Korean president, Moon Jae-in had later on Thursday know that the South Korean government disappointed over the lack of an agreement between Trump and Kim.

“We feel regret that president Trump and president Kim Jong-un, and failed reach full agreement at the top of today,” said the spokesman. “But it also seems that they are clearly more significant progress than ever before.”

‘North Korea did not have enough steps”

North Korea was, according to the American delegation prepared to kerncomplex Yongbyon was to be dismantled in exchange for an end to all international sanctions.

That was for the Americans is not enough, according to Trump and his minister of Foreign Affairs, Mike Pompeo. Kim wilde, for example, not to talk about the decommissioning of other nuclear infrastructure, including certainly a uraniumverrijkingsfabriek.

Pompeo argued that the onderhandelingsteams in the run-up to the summit, however, progress made towards an agreement. Kim, however, was not prepared to take some steps which the united states is to be asked, says Pompeo. “We now know what the limits are, what the challenges are, so I hope that we in the weeks that will follow are making progress. I am very optimistic about the progress.”


Trump: ‘Sanctions were a bottleneck in consultation with Kim

Stock exchange battle by prematurely terminate top

It is noteworthy to mention that the encounter between Trump and Kim not ended with the joint signing of a final declaration. The American president is known as a great lover of such a ceremonial presentation.

The shortening of the top did the suspicion that no agreement has been reached already on the rise. The rates on the South Korean stock exchange Kospi made a sharp dive when dnieuws became known.

Full statement on 2nd #TrumpKimSummit from @PressSec.

AvatarAuteurW7VOAMoment of plaatsen06:38 – February 28, 2019

American president is in no hurry’

Trump dampened the expectations for a finale between the two countries earlier. He said that there is no hurry to now with statements or agreements. “We only want to be a good agreement.”

The White House has announced that Trumps press conference due to the reduction of almost two hours earlier will take place, at 8.00 pm Dutch time.

That no agreement is reached on further steps in the denuclearization of North Korea is for experts not a surprise. Pyongyang and Washington have fundamentally different ideas about what kernontwapening would entail. The North Koreans expect, for example, that the Americans first, their own nuclear weapons dismantling.

However, there was hope that something would be achieved on the front of the Korean War (1950-1953), which never officially ended. A formal peace declaration remains as yet, however.

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