Summary: These decrees signed with Donald Trump until now

Summary: These decrees signed with Donald Trump until now

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Since his inauguration on January 20, put Donald Trump signed a large number of policies. These are the decrees (executive orders) that the president now signed.

1. Abolition Obamacare, 20 January

The first decree that Trump signed to his appointment was aimed at minimizing the economic burden of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’. This law, intended for all Americans to allow to buy health insurance, the Republicans are a thorn in the eye. They see ‘Obamacare’ as excessive government intervention and geldverkwisting. Trumps decision was therefore not surprising.

2. Acceleration of approval procedures for major infrastructure projects, 24 January

The ‘handelskabinet’ Trump sees great advantages in large-scale construction projects, but considers inter alia environmental legislation and the time lost with the approval procedures as obstacles.

Although the abolition of the guidelines and procedures of some construction projects can accelerate, the Congress, the expenditure of the president, always first approve.

3. Tackle illegal migration, 25 January

In his presidential campaign said Trump a lot about illegal immigrants these jobs would assume that different to American citizens. With his decree “to the public to increase security in the U.S.’ he wants to tackle.

Trump wants to deportation of illegal migrants, speed up to 10,000 extra immigration officers to accept and to cities and states to force them to work on evictions.

4. Strengthen border controls, January 25,

Just as with the previous measure, wants to Trump with this measure, the number of illegal migrants to reduce. In his campaign he promised a wall to be built on the border with Mexico, and with this decree, hopes to Trump that for you.

Where the money for a wall of more than 3,000 kilometres away should be achieved, is not clear yet. Trump wants Mexico for the costs of the bill, but that country denies.

5. Re-entry ban, 27 January

The most controversial decree that Trump up to now drew is the policy plan for protection of the U.S. against the entry of foreign terrorists’. To this specific to perform if no new refugees to the U.S. come in for 120 days and were people from seven islamic countries (Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia) are excluded.

The plan was implemented immediately and led to chaos at airports in and outside the US. Several judges in the U.S. spoke out about the plan that was eventually suspended. Trump has already said, with a modified decree.

6. Ethical obligations to executive, 28 January

Trump promised during his presidential campaign to “the swamp is empty”, which he referred to conflicts of interest that some American politicians and officials have.

With the decree, government employees who are lobbying for foreign governments lifelong excluded. For other lobbying activities subject to an exclusion of five years.

7. Costs of regulation, 30 January

For every new rule made by a government body is entered, there must be two old be brought forward that are deleted can be.

The costs of new measures should never be higher than the deleted measures, unless this is not legally possible, or if a director has given permission.

8. Regulation of the financial system, February 3,

Trump hammered in his speeches that for American businesses to have a lot of rules exist in order to be able to compete with foreign companies. He focused his arrows on the Dodd-Frank Act from 2010, in which the possibilities of banks to trade for their own account limited.

The act meant that control could be kept on banks because of their size the risk could represent for the financial sector.

9. Set up special unit for crime prevention, 9 February

On February 9, came Trump with three decrees with crime prevention. With this decree will minister of Justice Jeff Sessions the assignment to a special unit to think about reducing the number of crimes in the US.

10. Combating police brutality, 9 February

Just like the previous decree, this decree a commission for the ministry of Justice. Possible results this measure to the extensive possibilities to prosecute people who use force against police officers.

11. Countering misdaadsyndicaten, 9 February

Trump announced more stringent on wanting to act against the drug cartels in the USA. According to him, have some drugssoorten now “at a price that is lower than the candy bars’.

With the decree will Trump that the various agencies that deal with national and international drug trafficking to better work together.

12. Set opvolgingsstrategie within the ministry of Justice, 9 February

If the current ministry of Justice to die, if he resigns or if his duties can not perform, there must be with this plan, a successor to be appointed.

Concretely, this means that Dana Boente, the rudder takes over from Jeff Sessions as that is no longer minister of Justice.

Boente was already at the head of the ministry of Justice after Trump the temporary Democratic overgangsminister Sally Yates dismissed because he said officials instructed to Trumps immigration policy, not to defend.

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