Summary: These are the participants of the Star to the Canvas

Presenter, Özcan Akyol on his own Instagram channel for a wide range of guests for the new season of Stars on the Fabric are known. presents a list of the names that have so far been announced.

Maarten van Rossem

The 75-year-old historian, writer, and presenter in the game show, The world’s smartest man, and the geschiedenisprogramma Here are the Rossems to see, and by various painters portrayed to be. “He was high up on my list of” let Akyol know about it.

Floortje Dessing

On Friday, it was announced that the 48-year-old presenter will be doing with the Stars on the screen. “The painters were very, very, very happy with this choice,” writes Akyol. “I hope you are, too.”

Also, Floortje Dessing joined the celebrities who, this season will be as well.


The 39-year-old singer and two-time Eurovision participant, it is one of the celebrities who, this season will be immortalized on the canvas.

Aart Staartjes

Sesame street actor, a New Tails release is for the program to also be painted. The 81-year-old actor was at the beginning of this year to be separated from a role in a play, because he was having health problems today.

Caroline de Bruijn

In the meantime, Caroline de Bruijn, for more than twenty years, in Good Times, the Bad Times, and soon the 57-year-old actress will also Star in the piece of cloth. “Let’s just hope that I’m not in the back of the In nite, because I was so close to his wife, arise,” says Akyol.

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