‘Suge Knight tried to testify to buy

‘Suge Knight tried to testify to buy

Suge Knight and his lawyer have given to people to get false testimonies in the case for which the cases rapproducent stuck.

The two would be $ 25,000 per witness for over have to say that Knight from the severe weather event has acted, reports The Hollywood Reporter on the basis of the public prosecutor.

Knight, who stood at the cradle of record label Death Row Records, is being accused of murder after he in January 2015 on the set of the film Straight Outta Compton, two people had been hit. One of them survived the incident, not, the other was injured.

The possibility of bribery came in 2015 to talk about in the prison. Knight and his counsel Matthew Fletcher beraamden at that time a plan to witness money to offer. That would, in return, say that the victims of Knight armed, and that his action of self-defence.

Fletcher denies in front of New York Daily News that someone was bribed.

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