Suffering from melasma? The AFT 540 VP Can Help You

If your dermatologist has told you that the dark discoloration on your face is nothing but melasma and though he has assured you that some forms of treatment can help you in decreasing the intensity of the complaint, your horror is quite imaginable. If your dermatologist has also gone on to add that while you can treat it, it is never truly going to go away completely, your disbelief is also understandable. But while it was the case a few decades ago, melasma can be completely cured with the help of latest technologies such as the AFT 540 VP laser treatment. This technology can help you to get rid of those hyper-pigmented patches on your cheeks within no time. You will surely get rid of melasma with the help of AFT 540 VP technology.

Use AFT 540 VP Technology for Treating Vascular and Pigmented Lesions
Several vascular lesions like telangiectasia and rosacea are very troublesome for patients. Other vascular lesions like erythema, and broken capillaries can also be quite annoying for the patients. They are quite disfiguring and some of them are even painful. Some pigmented lesions like solar lentigo, dyschromia, melasma and mottled pigmentation can affect your looks in a negative way. Laser treatment by using AFT 540 VP technology can be very beneficial in such cases, for getting rapid relief from the complaint. Solar lentigos are sun induced freckles that produce dark colored patches over the skin. These are caused by excessive exposure to sun.

This can be quite aesthetically displeasing and patients suffering from this are always looking for various treatment options for getting rid of the condition. Dyschromia, also called mottled skin, can also cause single or multiple hyper-pigmented patches over the skin, treatment of which is essential from a cosmetic point of view. It is a result of changes in blood vessels and should be treated carefully. Apart from it, some vascular lesions like erythema and acne rosacea can also cause disfigurement, especially of face. All these conditions need to be treated well, as it not only causes ugly looking patches over the skin but can also causes emotional embarrassment to the patient.

AFT 540 VP is a revolution in the field of laser treatment. It uses intense pulse light. It makes use of light of short wavelength, which was formerly unused. This light is then converted into a usable spectrum by a special filtering system. This leads to increased penetration and remission of light, which helps in safe and effective treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions.

AFT 540 VP is also helpful in delivering equally distributed fluence. As a result of this, every pulse emitted has energy of uniform density across the complete output face. This increases the safety of the procedure and also helps in getting repeatable results. AFT is an ideal technology for getting an efficient treatment with significant clinical improvement with minimal discomfort. Also, the technology does not cause any harm to the skin in any part of the body.

It has been estimated that nearly all people have 1 or more pigmented lesions. However, most of them are left untreated due to their negligible size or unobvious location. Most of them are caused by excessive exposure to sun. Some may be a result of aging.

Whatever may be the cause, they are simply hyper-pigmented patches over the skin due to increased concentration of melanin in the area. The lesions may be raised above the skin or just flat. Although most of these lesions are a cause of worry due to cosmetic reasons, some can be initial signs of cancer of skin. The benign hyper-pigmented patches can be safely treated by using AFT 540 VP technology. They can be treated without any surgical intervention by using a VP handpiece of the instrument used for AFT 540 VP technology.

The pigmented lesions are exposed to visible light using short pulses. This leads to rise in temperature in the parts having high concentration of melanin. The temperature is raised just enough to allow a shattering of cells containing excessive melanin. The body’s natural mechanism then replaces these destroyed cells with newly generated cells that are produced by the untreated areas surrounding the lesion. Thus, this technology can help patients in effectively getting rid of hyperpigmented patches in melasma, dyschromia and solar lentigo. The handpiece of AFT 540 VP can provide a unique wavelength along with different pulse width capabilities that allow it to destroy the pigmented patches in patients of any skin type. It is a non-invasive procedure and does not involve the use of general or local anesthesia. The procedure in completely painless and patients do not experience any discomfort during and after the treatment.

Why Should You Use the AFT 540 VP Technology?

AFT 540 VP technology can help patients suffering from different forms of vascular lesions. It can effectively treat rosacea, telangiectasia and broken capillaries without any harmful effects. Also, it is very useful for treating pigmented lesions like melasma, mottled patches and sun lentigo. The numerous advantages of this therapy are explained below:
It is a non-surgical procedure. Patients need not worry about pre and postoperative care of the procedure in this case.
The therapy is totally harmless. There are no adverse reactions after taking this treatment.
The therapy is not time consuming.
It is very cost effective. There is no need to worry about spending a lot of money for expensive treatment of these conditions.
It does not involve the use of local or general anesthesia. So local or systemic side effects of anesthesia are prevented.
It can be used for patients of any skin type for pigmented and vascular lesions.
People with tanned skin can also use this therapy with excellent results.
It can be used for males as well as females.
It gives excellent results within no time.
Patients can resume normal daily activities immediately the treatment.

Due to all these advantages offered by AFT 540 VP technology, it has become the most popular mode of treatment for patients suffering from vascular and pigmented lesions.

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