Sudan’s new prime minister, but the power is in the sovereign council

The economist, Abdalla Hamdok the transitional federal government of Sudan is going to lead to. His post as prime minister on Wednesday and approved by the sovereign council in the country, which, in practice, the power is in your hands.

Hamdok is the first prime minister of the country since the former dictator, Omar Al Bashir, last april, after more than thirty years, was toppled by the military. His forced departure was a result of months-long street protests.

After Al Bashir from his position it was placed, was in the Sudan, led by the military transitional council (the military junta), under the leadership of general Abdel-Fattah Al Burhan. The Sudanese were asking for, however, is a civil government, and then went back to the streets.

After weeks of violent protests and pressure from abroad, was in a difficult dialogue between the civilians and the military. This past Saturday, it was at last agreed on a shared transitional government is reached.

This is, inter alia, that the burgeroppositiecoalitie, and the Forces of Freedom and Change (“FCC”), the prime minister put forward was allowed to move. They are hoping that Hamdok, who had previously worked for the united nations and the African development bank, the collapsed economy, the country can recover.


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General, Burhan has been in the practice of the leader of the Sudan

In spite of the appointment of the prime minister Hamdok, is in the Sudan, in practice, since Wednesday is governed by the sovereign council, which is comprised of six civilians and five military personnel is. It should be in the next three years is to work towards a new elections can be held.

Over the next 21 months, the council will be presided over by a general of Al Burhan, who in recent months was at the head of the autonomous government was. He is considered to be one of the most powerful people of southern Sudan. After that, the council of eighteen months, to be headed by a civilian.

Despite the fact that the power of the sovereign council, is the premier Hamdok, on the 31st of August, and the composition of the government of the holy ghost. The federal government will primarily be in the form of burgers. Only the ministries of Defence and the ministry of Internal Affairs will be conducted by the armed forces.

In addition, there will be within the first three months of a parliament shall be appointed. Two-thirds of the seats will go to the FCC and the rest of the seats go to the political parties, on the condition that they do not have close ties to the former regime of Al-Bashir.

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Sudanese fear that the influence of the general, ‘Hemeti’

The big question that remains is whether the technocratic government that will work. The citizens, the government does control the military, but it is not yet clear where the power is exactly is going to be located.

The Sudanese fear that a focus on the role of general Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo, also known as the nicknamed ‘Hemeti’. He is in the military has been appointed as one of the five soldiers who will take their place in the sovereign council, and it would be even more powerful than the general, Al Burhan.

‘Hemeti’, who is the commander of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), is known to be a hardliner. He was, at the time of the civil war in Darfur, the head of the Janjaweed. This paramilitary group, was guilty of numerous war crimes.

Also, the RSF is allegedly responsible for dozens of civilians killed in the beginning of June in some cases. Moreover, by ‘Hemeti’, for decades, a confidante of Al-Bashir.


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