Successful decommissioning vliegtuigbom WWII after the major evacuation Frankfurt

Successful decommissioning vliegtuigbom WWII after the major evacuation Frankfurt

Photo: AFP

German explosievenexperts in Frankfurt successfully a bomb from the Second world War has been dismantled. Before work on the bomb began, a large part of the city evacuated.

It was with 60,000 inhabitants to the largest evacuation in decades in Germany. Also patients of two hospitals and residents of ten homes for the elderly were accommodated elsewhere. Other institutions including the German central bank were also evacuated.


Frankfurt evacuate residents to clean up vliegtuigbom

The public transport was almost the whole of the day flat and the sky was partly closed. In total, a surface area of about 1.5 square km around the bomb was evacuated.

The blindganger was Tuesday found during construction work in the district of Frankfurt-Westend, just outside the city centre. It was according to Bild, a 1,800 lbs heavy British Blockbuster bomb of the type HC-4000, with 1,400 kilos of explosives.


The dismantling was difficult due to problems with the removal of the fuze. Also ran the operation delay due to a man not wanted to leave from the ontruimingsgebied. He was arrested. In the action were more than two thousand people involved, such as agents, firefighters, and other emergency services.

British and American warplanes cast during the war, 1.5 million tons of bombs on Germany. According to estimates went them 15 percent off. A year is still more than two thousand tons of unexploded ammunition and bombs found in Germany.

Vliegtuigbom discovered in Frankfurt

In Frankfurt have more than 60,000 people left their homes before Sunday an unexploded English vliegtuigbom harmless is made.

The police makes a woman familiar in the evacuated part of Frankfurt.

It is the largest evacuation in Germany since the end of the Second world War.

Residents of Frankfurt kill time during the decommissioning.

The bomb, which was discovered during the construction works, is under this tent.

Citizens could visit in gymnasiums.

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