Submitted by Van der Heijden: ‘the Feeling is that the Tribe is not everything decided

Jan-Arie van der Heijden is delighted that on Sunday he finally got a game played for the Team. The 31-year-old defender will take the opgestapte-trainer: Jaap Stam is nothing to excuse, and reason to suspect that his month-long absence from the powers that be, is to be determined.

“I had a feeling that the previous coach (Stam, ed.). not quite everything was decided,” said Van der Heijden after the 0-3 win away from home against VVV-Venlo, without going into the question of whether he was the “victim” was from the collection of Edgar Ié and Husband Senesi.

“I thought he was a good coach. I also had a very good relationship with him / her. We have talked a lot with each other, and he had a lot of me working on it. I’ve never had the feeling that he would have been charged. There are a lot of things out of their context are drawn. I will be there, not bothered at all that he is left with is totally not true.”

Van der Heijden was on the end of the season, a move to the Club. He was at the home match against FC Utrecht (1-1) on the 18th of August, however, the place given to Ié and the Senesi, and it was since then, not even the clash.

“For me, it’s also amazing how much it has gone up, but I’m not so happy that I am there for you. It was not an easy one. Every player wants to play football, but that was it for me, just out of the question. I’m still not quite done differently than normal,” said Van der Heijden.

“It’s only the weekends were a different story. I’m also very good to myself and taken care of. I do, however, have the whole time been training for the group. It all went very well. I kept this quiet until I have a chance it would get. I am going to take a bit longer to join in football, then you know that the next day it can be.”

Dick Advocaat was against VVV-Venlo made its debut as the coach of the Team. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

“I thought to myself:” okay, okay, I’m used to this weekend, not free’.

Van der Heijden, took place on Thursday already, that he would go on to play at OT. He’s got the game play in the first session of the new coach Dick Advocaat, who on Wednesday was appointed as the successor of the Stem, a jacket, and that is usually a sign that you are in, the basics stay the same.

“I thought,” okay, Okay, I’m used to this weekend, not free. Then you don’t feel you are, of course, from within the air-conditioned rooms. Exercise is good, but the games went on, I really miss it. That’s what it’s all for you. I’ve been there each and every day to the maximum, for myself, removed from its case and, therefore, I can now turn up.”

Van der Heijden, got a Lawyer involved to at be passed on be in charge at the ministry of defence. The lawyer had on Thursday, at his press presentation, know frightened of and the communication between the team and the hinting was the passing of the Senesi.

“It’s suspended in the us, especially in the communication,” says Van der Heijden. “We have a good team, but we have the matches been, where we are, the better, but still lost. That is going to really matter, and communication is very important for us. We have to have it done, and have to build on that.”

We’re going to take it on Thursday in the home against BSC Young Boys in the group stages of the Europa League, and it should be in terms of position in the group, the People are at the bottom – to win to view on the knock-out stages.

Check out the programme for the event, and the position in the Premier league

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