Style Inspiration for Summer – Clear out your Closet

Style Inspiration for Summer – Clear out your Closet!

So here we with Summer approaching and with it a whole range of exciting new styles to try. But where am I going to put all those new pieces unless I have a good clear out? The start of a new year is a great time to do it – I did it this weekend, and it was so therapeutic! Like a little trip down memory lane, plus the feel-good factor of donating a bag of good clothes to a good cause, plus – closet space!! Follow the tips from Cafe La Moda to make space for some Summer style.

You have to do it properly, though. Don’t just open the doors and drawers, peek inside, and pull out one or two things you haven’t worn in a while – do a proper closet audit. Take everything out of your closet and throw it on the bed: go ahead, just do it. Now take all your shoes out and pile them on the floor. And all your handbags, hats and scarves – that’s it. That way you can take good look at each and every item and assess it properly; plus you get a really good view of how much stuff you actually have. You don’t need all that stuff, right?

Now you can start working through things. You can do this however you like, but here’s what worked for me: start with the ‘I’m absolutely keeping that’ pile. Shake out each item, review it, and let it make its case for why it’s going right back in that closet. This one should be easy – but make sure you’re thorough about it: don’t let things creep in that don’t deserve to be on that list.

It’s really tempting to make excuses for things, I know. But if your reason for keeping anything is any of the following, stop! “I haven’t worn it in a while but I used to feel great in it”, “I spent a fortune on that so I’m keeping it even though I only wore it once”, “that will look great if I can just find something to go with it”, “I’ve had that since forever, I can’t get rid of it now”, or “it has sentimental value” – none of these are good reasons to keep clothes. Whatever it cost you, however great you used to feel in it (past tense), however sentimental you feel about it…. the money you spent on it is gone either way, you’ve got photos and memories of those good times, and if you haven’t found anything to go with that one by now, let me tell you: you’re not going to.

Next, look for the easy things to get rid of – the things you haven’t worn in a year or more, or that you have two (or more) of, or that you’re not really sure why you bought in the first place. There’s always one or two things that ‘seemed like a good idea at the time’, right? If it’s been through one full cycle of seasons and it’s not a really specific piece (e.g. interview suit, cocktail dress), get rid of it. Even if it is a specific piece review whether, if you had an interview or a cocktail party tomorrow, you’d actually wear that suit or that dress – or whether you’d decide to buy a new one.

Lastly, now’s a really good time to sort out those items that fell out of use because of a specific problem. Busted zipper? Stubborn stain? Needs alteration? Do not put these items back in your closet – take them and do something with them!

Once you’ve finished, I guarantee you’ll feel great. Put all the keepers back in your closet, stand back, and admire all the space you’ve made for new clothes. Do I feel a shopping trip coming on?

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