Stump-path: DC-drop Trump from the opening of the U-Bahn-cards


Before the presidential elections in 2012, the Washington, DC, subway system, the preparation of special commemorative “smarttrip” cards for the day of the inauguration of the President the two leading candidates began.

President Obama would go on to win re-election this year, but the metro Mitt, a Lust for Romney-smart trip card for the special occasion, just in case.

It looks like the DC Metro and has a lot less effort for the preparation for Donald Trump ‘ s inauguration on 20. January. Here is the design for this year’s commemoration-the day of the inauguration of the President of the smart trip card is:

Inauguration SmarTrip Cards.

— Unsuck DC Metro (@unsuckdcmetro) December 21, 2016

The word “trump” is nowhere to be found. Trump himself doesn’t appear on the map. Twitter-users were quick to point out what they saw as an obvious snub.

@unsuckdcmetro not evn his name. That is so disrespectful. Don’t vote for him, but he is the President. Stop crying b fair

— Ariel Linus (@marine0816) December 21, 2016

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