Study shows cute little children YouTube clickbait; it’s a child involved, the lawyers

NEW YORK (Reuters) – a YouTube video featuring young children, and drew nearly three times that of the average number of viewers of the content, according to the study released on Thursday that the ammo for the child-lawyers who want to be the Alphabet Inc, and more-aggressive steps to make the streaming service more secure for the children.

Pew Research Center, said the findings show ” a video that focused on whether children are at YouTube, it is one of the most popular materials to appeal to a wide audience, in comparison to the number of the test.

Lawmakers and parent groups have criticized YouTube over the past few years, to say that it has done less than it should be to protect minors ‘ privacy.

Last year, the Center for Digital Democracy and the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), saying, ” YouTube’s parent company, violated the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act).

The groups complained that the company not only has a huge amount of money through the use of the personal details of the children and “continues to benefit from the advertising revenue from ads on its YouTube channel that can be watched by children.”

YouTube, which announced a 2 billion monthly users in May, the shares have limited information about the service. But the music, games and kids’ content, in general, it is well-known that they can rank high in the audience.

Other groups have called on YouTube to take steps to block access to age-inappropriate content, and will prevent predators from getting to the clips that are able to allow them to sexualize minors in any way. The complaints also asked for YouTube to introduce penalties for the parents to upload videos of children to be placed in a dangerous situation.

The video unit is a key driver of the growth in income and in alphabetical order, Inc, and he has also said that the weight of any additional changes to how it deals with content that is related to the children.

Researchers at Pew said in a report that they have used automated tools and human review, analysis of the activity during the first week of 2019 at the latest, at almost 44,000 have a YouTube channel with over 250,000 subscribers.

Only 2 percent of the 243,000 videos channels upload that week’s recommended to have at least one person who looked under the age of 13 years old, the human raters. But that’s a small subset, receiving an average of 298,000 view, compared with 97,000 for the video, having no children, according to the report. The average audience figures of 57,000 and a total of 14,000.

The channels that have uploaded at least one video with a kid an average of 1.8 million subscribers, compared with 1.2 million for those of you who haven’t, Compared to me.

YouTube said it could not comment on the Pew study’s methods or results. It is maintained that some of the most popular categories include comedy, music, sports, and “how-to” videos.

“We have to be clear, YouTube has never been for people under the age of 13 years,” the company added.

Most popular video’s by the children are included with parenting tips for children to be able to sing or dress up.

YouTube’s policy of prohibiting children under 13 from using the main authority, and, instead, directly at the curator, as YouTube Kids, the app. But a lot of parents take the main YouTube service and to the entertainment and education of children, and another study has found.

Report by Arriana McLymore, in New York; Additional reporting by Paresh Dave, San Francisco; Editing by David Gregorio

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