Study: how multicultural millennials just about everyone affect

An American study zoomed in on what millennials with a multicultural background are important. A special group, because they have a strong influence on the young and the old, and that both in their geboortecultuur as in other cultures.

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Almost half (42%) of the millennials in the United States has a Hispanic, Asian-American or African-American background. That makes them not only a great but also a very exciting research group: “this multicultural generation bridges the gap effortlessly between their geboortecultuur and other cultures,” said the researchers. The large influence they have on both older and younger generations, which is described as the leverage effect, makes them an interesting group for marketers. More than the trouble so in order to know where they prefer to establish and how they are technology, food and culture experienced in their life.

From the research of Nielsen were some special decisions. As it turns out, almost half (44%) of the American multicultural millennials in big cities such as New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco to attend. There, they turn out to be a separate pattern to follow: African-American millennials spend more than average on hair and skin care products, Asian-American millennials appear to be skin care more important than the average consumer. In the spending pattern of the Hispanics fell mainly in that they are more than average, spend on dried vegetables and grains.


“A lot of cases ever as ‘multicultural’ were considered, are now mainstream”

But also other groups showed their multicultural background, are valid in their way of eating. For example, 44% find it important “multicultural tastes” (think tacos, chili, sushi, and soul food) in the store to be able to find. Also noteworthy is that almost half of them say they prefer to buy food in shops that have a powerful social mission to pursue, and even something more millennials locally grown food and sustainable ingredients, prefer.

Social media, internet and communication technology reveals – not surprisingly – are very important for multicultural millennials. That they need to stay in touch with family members in their country of origin, but also simply because there is a lot of (good) works through the internet, shopping online, for example.

The study concludes with a cautious for the future. “It is important to underscore that what was once known as ‘multicultural’ was considered, today the mainstream is (think of for example, sushi, red.), and that in the following decades, such changes will take place.” (EK)

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