Study: “Female mannequins have very unrealistic body shape’

During the zomersolden walked shoppers, shopping again flat. In addition to clothes to small prizes they got in the window displays a portion unrealistic or even impossible ideals of beauty presented. British researchers noted that in particular female mannequins have much to lean.

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A study by the University of Liverpool has the body shapes of mannequins compared with that of real people. As might be expected, were the most female mannequins to an unhealthy underweight.

Under the leadership of Dr. Eric Robinson examined researchers the body shapes of mannequins in two different British cities. “We are the study was started because several people complained about the extremely skinny mannequins. Chain stores claimed that the dolls would adjust. We wanted therefore to check whether they actually had done,’ what it sounds like.

Women versus men

Two assistants (a man and a woman) went on the road in the shopping district. They chose each mannequins closest to the winkelingang been. The research showed that all the female mannequins have a body copy that matches extremely malnourished women. Only a small proportion (eight percent) of the male mannequins were skinny.

“Because of extremely thin ideals cause problems with the body image of young people, we need the focus of the society on unhealthy skinny bodies reduce,” explains Dr Robinson. ‘We say not, of course, that the adaptation of the body shapes of mannequins, suddenly the problem around body image is going to change. What we do indicate is that the representation of extremely skinny female bodies are unrealistic and wrong beauty, maintains and strengthens. As a society, we must work against to go in.’


The researchers are concerned about the high number of young people that have to contend with a disturbed body image and eating disorders. “Positive actions that the communication around the extremely skinny ideal of beauty challenge could be of great importance for children, adolescents, and young adults.’

It is also striking that shops that focus on a younger audience often also the leanest male mannequins. Adolescent men get so often extremely skinny body shapes are presented in shops than adult men. In the male mannequins in shops that focus on adult men, noted the researchers also often an unrealistic presence of muscles. Although the study is not deepened in this presence, noted the researchers, however, that this representation of the male body can have a negative impact on the body image of male shoppers.

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