Students win Hyperloop-contest with a drive of 320 km per hour

Students win Hyperloop-contest with a drive of 320 km per hour

Photo: AFP

A German student team has the second Hyperloop competition, SpaceX ceo Elon Musk won. The capsule of the team went 323 miles per hour through a tube, much faster than the competition.

Musk congratulated the team WARR, that is from the Technical University of Munich, with their victory. The team used a very bright capsule of carbon fiber with an electric motor.

In January did a team of the TU Delft the first Hyperloop competition from SpaceX to win. That team is achieved when a speed of approximately 90 kilometers per hour. The second race was no English team present; the Delft students to work as a startup to further their Hyperloop capsule.

The Hyperloop is a vehicle that Musk is devised, which capsules at breakneck speed through an evacuated tube travel. The ceo thinks that the top speed is well above the 1,000 kilometers per hour, making the Hyperloop also an attractive alternative for the aircraft would be over long distances.


Hyperloop of student team tap 320 kilometers per hour

Sound barrier

In the space SpaceX is a tube with a length of 1.3 kilometers. On Twitter says Musk on Monday that he thinks about this a short distance the sound barrier broken. This requires a speed of 1,200 kilometers per hour can be achieved, and thus must be extremely fast to be accelerated and slowed down.

“High gear is only necessary because the tube is short,” writes Musk on Twitter. “For passenger traffic, this can be about more than 20 miles (32 km, red.) be spread, so no spilled drinks.”

Next year, SpaceX for the third time a Hyperloop-competition for students. In the meantime several companies to the technology. The American startup Hyperloop One knew recently also and speed of 300 kilometers per hour, to obtain a still shorter tube in the desert of Nevada.

Reportedly is also Musk himself going to a Hyperloop to develop, though he denied that earlier. In addition to Tesla, and SpaceX has Musk a third company, The Drilling Company, which tunnels you want to dig under large cities. The Hyperloops would be by these tunnels.

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