Students in higher education may soon per credit pay

Students in higher education may soon per credit pay

The need for students at some colleges and universities may be to per credit tuition fees to pay. That is in a proposal of minister Jet Bussemaker (Education) to experiment with flexstuderen in the voltijdsonderwijs.

This can be deviated from the rule that students always for a full academic year of tuition fees to pay.

“Students only have to pay for the education that they want to track, the agency and the development of the student. By directing more students to submit, they will get the space their study to focus on a way that fits their own circumstances”, said the minister for education.

This should be clear whether this leads to a better access of higher education, to the satisfaction of the student and to reduce downtime.

The ‘flexstuderen’ came out of the sleeve of the students ‘ union and was embraced by government parties PvdA and VVD. “The tuition is high and the student grant was abolished, making it very cost runs to a delay. By the flexstuderen students are now the financial space to be more alongside their studies to do and pay less”, says LSVB chairman Jarmo Berkhout.

Also the Interurban Student Consultation (ISO) is pleased with the experiment. “Students hear no maximum amount to pay if they have no college to follow. So they can have activities outside of their studies to develop, such as co-determination. However, we prefer that students not per box, but per module are going to pay. As paying students, not a lot, but can universities and colleges do aim to continue to invest in quality of education.”

Pilot projects

The next step is, according to him, that there are pilot projects out to universities and colleges, and that enough students need to sign up.

“I am delighted that the government is now a law submits that governs that students have the opportunity to receive less pay if they also have less boxes to follow” said PvdA Member of parliament, Mohammed Mohandis. It should, according to him, last with the “perverted thinking” and the pressure to be in no time to study.

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