Stroke coach with the Dutch in Peru, in will be safe at the final destination

Of the twelve of the Dutch bus passenger who have hours and hours of complete stand-still due to road blockades by protesters in Peru have safely arrived at their destination. That said, Marlies van Winkelhof, she and her family are in the bus and sat down, at

Of the twelve Dutch on board, consisting of three families with a total of five children between the ages of nine and thirteen-year-old, left, Friday, together, from the Peruvian city of Iqa for a twelve-hour bus ride away in the direction of Arequipa. More than eighteen hours later than planned, and they came only to that.

The company came to a road block, which had been raised by the opponents of the emergence of a local copper mine. It took a still of hours before the demonstrators and the bus had to pass through.

“For the first time, we were about ten hours in order to be close to a village, where there is still some water available. For the second time, we had about two hours of silence in the desert where there was nothing, and where we are is because of the dark, not allowed to leave,” says Van Winkelhof.

Reversing was not an option, because on both sides of the bus to avoid road blocks were to be placed. According to Van Winkelhof were hundreds of cars and buses, including coaches, are at a standstill.

The family experienced the uncomfortable hours on the bus. Their food supply ran out and the family had only a couple of bottles of water. After that, ran the battery of their phone is empty. Despite the fact that the bus for hours, no way out was, it was left in, according to Van Winkelhof.

One of the road blocks in which the Dutch people are found. ( van Winkelhof)

The group was misinformed about the road blocks

On Friday, as the group was leaving, and was already warned of the blockade. And then there was the news that the blockade had been lifted, and the demonstrators have their way out. It turned out to be wrong.

The Dutch embassy in Peru, took over after the announcement of the trapped Foreigners will be in direct contact with the Peruvian authorities, was the spokesman of the ministry of Foreign Affairs in response to know. According to Van Winkelhof, said that the embassy only to be able to do that for the group in the event of a medical emergency.

According to the zegsvrouw alerted the ministry of a Dutch traveller earlier this year for “the social unrest and road blockades, in particular in the region of Puno, which borders Bolivia. The travel advice for Peru, was raised to yellow, which means that there is care to be.

The ministry advises Dutch nationals who are to Peru to visit for a trip to the travel agent up-to-date travel information and to ask questions. Nine of the injured passengers were booked to travel Children Family. could be that the organization isn’t reaching out for a response.


Riot police used tear gas against the mijndemonstranten in Peru, in

The years of struggle against the coming mijnbouwproject

The locals of Arequipa, in southern Peru, have been fighting for ten years against the introduction of-in their eyes-megalomaniac mijnbouwproject, which is called a Tia Maria. The Mexican company Southern Copper, like copper mining in the area of agriculture, but the people fear that the crops and the water supply is at risk.

Over the past week, the protests around the mijnbouwproject once again re-emerged. In several places there were clashes between supporters and riot police. That’s what happened after the Peruvian government, from the president, Martin Vizcarra, Southern Copper, and a building permit had vested.

The local authorities and the people of Arequipa to support it, and asked the government just to be the man to take it away. On Wednesday of last week, showed Vizcarra know that the decision will be reversed. The mining company said that it will begin with the excavation of the mine until it has the support of the local population.

The koperproject should be more than 1.25 billion euros is going to cost you, and more than 120,000 tonnes of copper per year, to deliver the goods. If it were up to Southern Copper is going to the 2022 open.

The protesters are protesting against the introduction of the Tia Maria copper mine in Arequipa. They do this by, among other ways, to block it. (Photo: Reuters)


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Bugfix: In the article it was stated that all of the injured across the united states journey, had to travel for and Children, the Family, according to the company, however, for nine passengers. The information is updated.

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