Stressed out about your kids at school? 63% of moms feel the same

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These are Iowa residents will not be going back to school this year, but they do have a few pearls of wisdom for those of you who are.

Or is it the beginning of a new school year is right around the corner or already in full swing, it’s the end of August is usually the start of something a little different for some of the parents are: a heightened sense of anxiety and fear.

If you are a mom who has experienced a little bit of extra excitement to the start of a new school year, you’re not the only one. In fact, your feeling is more common than you might think, especially if you have children under the age of.


A new study from the Kiddie Academy educational child care center, that is, if all of the members of the family of the respondents to the survey, 63 per cent say it is the mother who has the hardest time with the first day of school.

That’s compared to just 27 per cent of the child as being the one who struggles the most.

This is not surprising, according to Michael Levin, a family therapist and co-owner of the Blueprint for Mental Health issues.

“It’s normal for parents to have a difficult time with the transition when their children start at the nursery,” she told healthline. “For many families, this is the first time that the feeling of loss of control.”


While it is normal for the first day of school, which may be difficult for some parents, This says a lot more support than others to adjust to the change.

She also points out that there are a number of ways in which parents will be able to manage the stress that can come with the start of a new school year.

Practice makes perfect

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) spokesman said Dr. Sara Bode, who is also a primary care pediatrician and the medical director of the Nationwide Children’s Hospital for the Care of the Affiliation of the School-Based Health and Mobile phone Services, it appears that mothers may be stressed during the first few days of school to spend some time thinking about what is the cause of their anxiety, and to see what they can do to get you to calm down.

“Maybe it means reaching out to and ask questions of the teacher or administrator ahead of time to discuss the concerns so that you can feel like you have to do is to be proactive,” Bode said.


In this way, the Messenger explains that the process of preparing for the start of school is like training for a big event. And practice makes perfect.

This leads to the formation of new routines in the days leading up to the start of the school year, as well.

Tasks such as getting your kids to wake up earlier, pick out the clothes they want to wear for the day, or eat breakfast at a certain time, can all help to ease the transition when, on the first day of school.

“If you have to find a way to start the day with your child in the morning with a positive action, and that it is going to lessen your anxiety if you are building a routine,” the Messenger said.

For many parents, this is a big part of the stress stems from concerns about the experiences of their children will have when they go to school for the fear that they will be able to feel comfortable in an unfamiliar place.

But for This, it is important for parents to remember that they will not be able to control the experience for their children.

“You can only control how you react to it,” she said.

And to say that she wants parents to remember, it’s not up to them to take away all of the potential stressors of their children, in order to prevent them from experiencing any discomfort.

Instead, she says parents should focus on helping their children to understand how they feel, talk, and learn how to deal with everything that’s going on.

“The expectation is that you know that it is really hard, and it is in their best interest to help the parents to cope better as well,” Levin explained.

In fact, the parents who stress about their child’s anxiety about starting school can make the experience more difficult for anyone, including children, tend to raise their parents ‘ stress.

“Parents have to set the tone,” the Messenger said. “If you have a lot of nerve, or fear, or debate, around the question of whether this is the right choice of school or how their child is going to handle it better, their kids are going to have to pick up on it.”

With the help of the children, how to handle

However, parents are not the only ones to experience increased anxiety about the start of the new school year. The children feel it, too, and parents can play an integral role in helping them to move.

“All you can do is to minimize the mystery of it all ahead of time, it is going to help you and your children. If you can preplan a visit to the school to talk about what they should expect from it, and even put into practice of which on the first day of school was going to be able to see it, who can help you,” the Messenger said.

She explains this is because children tend to thrive on routine and as expected.

However, for children, it can be more than just the usual nerves before the first day of school, And said that many of the schools have great resources available to help you.

“To reach out to the school for some support, and they will be able to point you in the right direction, or is it a tool, or a referral to a speech pathologist for additional help,” she said.

With the approach of my first day as a champion

When the first day finally rolls around, it’s not at all unusual for young children to hold on to and fight for a little bit.

For those parents who are already anxious about what’s going on with their child and be able to cope with this change, they may be tempted to prolong their goodbye. However, both the experts and healthline talked to the parents, and stick to a planned routine, and it does not stay there.

“We are telling the parents that the extension of the time of the separation, it generally is not calm a child down. Usually it makes things worse,” the Messenger said.

“A child who has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, or any other background that might make this more difficult, it is usually best to make sure that the child is aware of what is to come, and then have to deal with it,” she explained.

Instead of hanging the Messenger suggests to the parents to ensure that, as a child, and that everything is going to be ok, and that they will have a great day. Then they leave with their teachers, who are probably very much at home with the help of the children.

“Most of the time, the teacher will tell the child to pay the fine within 10 minutes after the parents left. However, for those parents who stay, and the fear of just being dragged,” she said.

This also encourages parents to keep their composure while saying goodbye as well, even though this may not be an easy one.

“If a child is or cry, or panic, or the statement,” I’m not going to let me go, “natural” triggers ” from a parent’s emotions, and they can be easy to feel nervous, scared, or frustrated,” she said.

In those moments, And encourages parents to think about one of her favorite quotes: “you have to Share your peace. Not out of chaos.”


“It’s perfectly OK to get your child out, smiling, full of enthusiasm, all the time, and then go to the corner and cry a little. If you just want to try to minimize that kind of comment in front of your child,” Levin said.

Remind them that they are part of the plan, and tell them that you love them, and the trust and confidence of their teacher for the next part.

While it may not be easy, and it is ultimately what is best for your child and for you.

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