‘Strength training for the mirror exercise also untrained arm faster’

‘Strength training for the mirror exercise also untrained arm faster’

People who are in front of a mirror, one arm train, would thus their untrained other arm training. By this optical illusion would be the strength in the untrained arm increase.

According to research from the University of Groningen. For the study, a total of 23 people examined, of which eleven are their right arm for a mirror trained. This was for the brain the illusion that the left arm was also trained. The other twelve subjects did the same training, but not for the mirror.

The subjects were fifteen sessions over three weeks. In the group without a mirror, trained, took strength in the untrained arm, with 34 percent. In the group with a mirror trained, was that power increase 27 percentage points higher: there, took the power with 61 percent.

That training the muscles in one arm will also effect the muscles in the other arm was already known. According to the researchers can study the effect of mirrors on strength training in the future help in the faster cure of, for example, a broken arm.

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