Streetwearlabel launches Crocs with built-in socks

Socks in sandals and Crocs are two vestimentaire phenomena for the fashion-conscious fellows ‘not done’. Now there is a brand that both elements combines. The New York streetwearlabel Alife launches Crocs with built-in socks.

© Alife

In collaboration with Crocs will be Alife in a total of three new variants of the rubber shoe on the market. One of these is the sporty Croc, where the sock just to the shoe. A trend in our country that might not immediately established, but that in the trendy New York in the 70’s already created a furore. “The inspiration for this shoe comes partly from the world of fashion, partly from the street,” says Rob Back, the founder of Alife.

‘Erected socks were a fixture on the street during my youth,” the 70s-kid. ‘All the children were wearing Adidas socks with the famous stripes. And so I came up with the idea for this shoe. I wanted the classic Croc to a higher level.’

In addition to the sporty Croc brings the brand is also still a classic and an artistic variant of the Croc on the market. All you need for that would be deep in the pockets: the particular Croc will cost you $ 600 (514 euros). For that price you get a few 3D-printed accessories by which your shoe you can personalize.

It went on for quite a while, less well with the schoenenbedrijf. In 2014 we wrote ‘Why Crocs are never more than ugly shoes‘. This, in addition to passages on the catwalk at, for example, Balenciaga and Christopher Kane, the way to the rubber shoe back on the map?

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