Stranded cruise ship for Norwegian coastal voyage again, 300 passengers evacuated

The cruise ship that Saturday by a severe storm off the coast of Norway, beached, is now back again. According to Norwegian media are more than 300 passengers were evacuated.

The cruise ship, the Viking Sky, gets help from two tugboats. The ship has set course towards the harbour of the Norwegian city of Molde.

According to the Norwegian television channel NRK, there are seventeen people to the hospital. Three of them would be serious. In total, there were, according to NRK 1373 people on board.

The Viking Sky struggled with engine problems, just as a freighter and later for the Norwegian coast stranded. The crew members of the cargo ship, the Hagland Captain, are all brought to safety. In order to be saved had the crew members first in the icy water, and then using the helicopters to be rescued.

The two ships sins cries for help from

By the engine problems, and drove the Vikings Sky in the direction of the country. This sent the crew a distress signal.

The evacuation of the passengers is hampered by the bad weather. The waves are 6 to 8 metres high and the wind is blowing hard. Two lifeboats were forced to reverse it, says the maritime rescue service. “If we have to evacuate, it will cost a lot of time,” says a spokesman.

A moment later, sent the Hagland Captain is also a distress signal.


Furniture move about on deck stranded cruise ship Norway

Passengers are to the turn of the deck and taken to a village flown that lies north of the city of Molde.

The Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs has let us know that they do not have any information about Dutch people on board. “We keep our finger on the pulse if there are questions, but that is not currently addressed,” said a spokesman.

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