Storm Area 51’associated with the festival, the jam to Paul Oakenfold’s ‘psychedelic underground’ is set among the stars,

connectVideo to “Storm the Area for 51′ festival kicks off in Nevada

The y-like atmosphere that builds the event was inspired by a Facebook post, to the work; Jonathan Hunt reports from Hiko, Nv.

HIKO, Nev. They are in short supply, but they were still going strong.

When the sun is on a Friday, the day of the “one side” of the mysterious Area 51, which came out to be one of the festivals as derived from the viral event in the Hiko, Nev. jam out under the stars to a mix of the Grammy award-nominated electronic dance music DJ and artist Paul Oakenfold.

“I’m going to play more of a psychedelic set that I feel is appropriate for the landscape behind us,” he explained to Fox News upon their arrival at the festival around 6 pm, Let’s see what’s going on.”

Oakenfold, who is about to embark on a European tour, said he was drawn to the scarcity of Nevada, a region about 116 kilometers to the north of Las Vegas, Las Vegas out of curiosity.

Festival-goers at the Area 51 base camp in the Hiko, Nev. to participate in a “psychedelic” mix of the Grammy award-nominated electronic dance music DJ and artist Paul Oakenfold.
Travis Fedschun/Fox News)

“I think there has to be something there. I’d like to think that there has to be something there, so I would like to know more,” he said, adding, “Let’s go see what’s going on. Perhaps we’ll see a UFO, who knows?”


Oakenfold, on the stage at the end of the event, following an exclusive screening of the Jeremy Corbell, the Netflix documentary about Bob Lazar: the Area 51 & Flying Saucers” that were a part of the Storm, Alien 51 Is a base camp at Hiko, that also featured speakers, a well-organised food and vendor area, and are in addition to, the famous gift shop, and a giant alien spaceship out of.

The base camp, which, rather than drawing relatively large crowds on Friday and at one point we had about 40 people, including some who are very into their dancing, it was one of the two festivals at Lincoln County on Friday and Saturday, and is tied to the Area-51 is a buzz.

The Area 51 base camp is recommended as an organised area, vendors, and food stains.
Travis Fedschun/Fox News)

The owner, George, Harris said he expects a crowd of more than 5000, but the Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee said to the Associated Press, the public, and in the vicinity of campers turned out to be the number in the hundreds.

The crowd at the screening, Jeremy Corbell, the Netflix documentary about Bob Lazar: the Area 51 &amp; <a data-cke-saved-href=”” < a href=”” target=”_blank”>Flying Saucers</a>”
Travis Fedschun/Fox News)

However, for those participants who did a dance in a dusty field, or outside under the stars, the lasers shot overhead, and the trek to Hiko was well worth it.

“It’s been tried,” Karla Tamayo, told Fox News. Tamayo said they have visited the site of the festival, which is the Alien Research Center is on the “Extraterrestrial Highway,” in the past, at a time when it is not so popular.

Have A Look Outside Of Area 51

On the 20th of September, a group in search of answers to long-held secrecy of plans to “storm” the Area is 51. Fox News has embarked on a 10-hour-long tour that leads up to the mysterious and compounding the experience of the journey is up to others to take action.

“It’s nice to see the people here,” she told Fox News, adding that she does not expect much to come out. “I really thought that the people regarded it as a joke.”


Others have found this event to be in the Hiko, in comparison with the other great draw of the west for the Burning Man festival.

“It’s really kind of amazing,” Johnny Blaze, told Fox News, adding that he was going to go to a festival in the heart of the Las Vegas strip on Sunday night, but it felt like it was too commercial, and the theme was all but lost.”

Austin Bustos (left) and Johnny Blaze (on the right), it was the Area 51 base camp in Hiko had been “absolutely amazing.”
Travis Fedschun/Fox News)

“I’ll be back for sure. They are in need of the support of the local culture, the local business,” he said.

However, the little bustle of getting frustrated that some of the vendors, who were of the opinion that it was a high-profile act like Oakenfold, on the last day of the hustle and bustle of building. A seller from out of state, who asked not to be identified, told Fox News they were led to believe that there are thousands and thousands were there to see it, instead of just dozens.

“If that were to happen, we must have seen at least one of the event,” the person said.


The festival, Hiko was one of the two in Lincoln County. Lee said the crowd has grown to maybe 3000, people on the internet, inspired by the festivals, called “Alienstock,” in Rachel.

Officials said late Friday that the two men were arrested in the rugged mountains within the perimeter of Area 51, and a woman who were obviously a little gate that she was going to be a violation, no matter what. Lee, added to the number of people approaching base checkpoints in the neighbourhood of the small desert towns of Hiko, and Rachel in the last couple of days has topped 1,000.

The scene Friday afternoon outside the back gate to Area 51 in Rachel, Nev.
Travis Fedschun/Fox News)

A man is missing after going on Thursday to the Area 51 gate, was found safe on Friday evening.

The emergency services chief Eric Holt says that he was treated to a festival at Rachel’s for the dehydration, but no serious injuries were reported.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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