Storm Area 51 raid brings the “alien” community of believers ” in the desert of Nevada

to connectVideoArea 51 raid is called off, but the fans still going to have to collect them, while the officers are at the ready

Nye County sheriff is warning the desert is not a friendly environment for the human visitors, from William La Jeunesse reports from Los Angeles, california.

LAS VEGAS – the bright lights and the busy streets of downtown Las Vegas’s famous Fremont Street, to the dirt, and to dry the external of Nevada’s high desert, Storm Area 51″, the hype has brought out the true believers in the power that is for sure, we are not alone in the universe.

The Alien Research Center in Hiko, Nev., the “Storm the Area 51 base camp” will be held on Friday and Saturday, a steady stream of people have come across this alien-inspired gifts in the store, such as magnets, T-shirts, and Christmas ornaments, with a lot of dressed-to-impress visitors from another world.

Kelly’s Hotel Las Vegas, Las Vegas, and Angel (not her name), of Wichita, Kan., sported similar T-shirts with the words “Mars Needs Women”, and “Beam Us Up” as she explained to them that they have taken “anything and everything “alien” since they were little and heard stories about Ufo’s and their father’s, who worked at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio.

Kelly’s Hotel on the Las Vegas strip, the Angel, of Wichita, Kan. she said “and everything” alien.”
(Fox News)

“We have the figure of Mars needs women, and so, here we are, and if they want to beam us up,” Angel said.


Area 51 is the most well-known as the site of the rumored government, the studies of alien beings. The Storm Area 51,” Facebook event went viral in July, as a people, has promised the crash of a secret military base in an attempt to get you to “see” aliens.” More than 2 million Facebook users have now said that they are going to more than 1.4 million, to reply, they were interested in.

The Alien Research Center in Hiko, Nev.
Travis Fedschun/Fox News)

The two festivals have since sprung up, since the event went viral, the one in the end of this season, and the other one in the Hiko. Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee told reporters on Thursday afternoon in a briefing that, maybe, 1,500 people had already been pointed out that one of the desert cities, featuring more than 150 to make the trip over gravel roads to visit two of the gates of Area 51, U. s. Air Force installation.

The air force has issued stern warnings for those who do not attempt to enter the Nevada Test and Training Range, where Area 51 is located.

The so-called “look back” to Area 51, and located on a dirt road in Rachel, Nev. as can be seen in the Sept. 18, 2019 at the latest.
Travis Fedschun/Fox News)

“It’s public property,” the sheriff said. “They will be allowed to go to the gate, as long as they’re not over the limit.”

Brandon, Ruth, for a visit to Nevada for the first time this weekend in the quarter, but said that the idea of “storming” in the military field, was one of the dumbest ideas ever.”

Ruth, who has served in the Military for a little more than six years, adding that anyone who attempts to raid a government base, it will go straight to jail and will not collect $200, and/or you will be shot and killed, sorry to say.”

Have A Look Outside Of Area 51

On the 20th of September, a group in search of answers to long-held secrecy of plans to “storm” the Area is 51. Fox News has embarked on a 10-hour-long tour that leads up to the mysterious and compounding the experience of the journey is up to others to take action.

“There’s a lot of secrets, and more than that, they want to keep it a secret, and it’s for our own safety and for everyone’s safety, and it’s for our own good,” he told Fox News. “I would not advise anyone to stay far, far away from the base as possible.”


During the Storm, Area 51, Basecamp, organisers are on the look out for the promotion of a mic in front of the movement, in order to expose the UFO secrecy, rather than as a “storm.” Guy Malone, told Fox News that he hopes this weekend’s event is a success, which then turns into a yearly tradition for those of us who believe in life beyond Earth.

“It’s a community of believers where people can be a ton of fun, and if they don’t take it too seriously and put their religious beliefs,” Malone said.

For Gary, Winthorp, and Michael Fortner, there were mixed opinions on what really is the secret to the Nevada site.

Ben, Gary, Winthorp, and Michael Fortner will share their theories about the aliens in the Alien Research Center in Hiko, Nev.
Travis Fedschun/Fox News)

“I do believe in aliens, but I don’t believe in aliens at Area 51,” Winthorp said on Thursday.

The couple, who are often sent to international festivals, including Winthorp, who was still in a neck brace following an injury during a recent festival, and both are of the opinion that there is someone who is “crazy enough to jump out at Area 51.”

“This is the most millennial thing is going to happen,” Fortner told Fox News.

Alienstock: strip around the world?

In the heart of downtown Las Vegas, and moved Alienstock festival, the California man who is the first Facebook event, featured an assortment of food and drink stands, carnival rides, and, of the special buses from the event to the presenter, Bud Light, a green alien in the background.

Move ‘ Alienstock,” called Bud-Light-Area 51 y in the heart of the Las Vegas strip on Sept. 19, 2019 at the latest.
Travis Fedschun/Fox News)

The Bud Light Area-51 Is a Celebration, which is free to attend, was Matty Roberts to devote two hours to the signing of everything from T-shirts to the people on the right track. Roberts, who thanked the audience for coming to the ” f- – – —n – ‘show’, sharing what is in store for all the hype his event.

Matty Roberts to respond to the interaction during the singing of the signature Saturday night in Las Vegas.
Travis Fedschun/Fox News)

“Alienstock been out on the road, we have a bunch of work in the United States, we would like to Alienstock to their sites, and they want me to host the party,” he told FOX5. “It is, therefore, a holistic approach, and it’s going to be amazing.”

Some of that is in the heart of the Las Vegas strip in a case, ” she said, still at the head of the other festivals on post.

Laura Aquannis set in the heart of the Las Vegas edition of the festival on Thursday.
Travis Fedschun/Fox News)

“I was thinking that it would just be a bunch of people drinking out in the desert, and I knew that I was right,” Laura Aquannis told Fox News, adding she’s a huge sci-fi fan, and do believe in aliens.

“The evidence is there,” she said.

“The experience of a low-level’

While neighboring Lincoln County has a scheduled events, Rachel, Hiko, Nye County, it is not allowed to have any festivals or major events.

Emergency workers staging, in Nye County, Nevada, ahead of possible Storm Area 51″ of the events.
(Nye County)

As of Thursday, which seems to have kept things quiet as the officials said that the Nye County Department of Emergency Management, and the Nye County Sheriff’s Office is experiencing a low-level” about the people gathering in the region, in support of the potential Storm Area 51 events.

“The traffic on U.S. Highway 95 through Amargosa Valley and Beatty to continue to be somewhat elevated, however, it flows easily to the communities,” officials said in a news release.

The Dutch on the hunt to find Area 51 is in the slammer for 3 days for hacking

The Dutch, who were in a restricted area in area 51 were sent to prison for up to 3 days. The pair, who pleaded guilty, had to pay a hefty fine, and lose all the electrical appliances that they had on them.

Sharon Wehrly, and the sheriff in the adjoining Nye County, the home of the Area 51 Alien Center, said the messages discourage Earthlings from trying to find alien life in the Amargosa Valley, as it seemed to be working. They said that they do not make arrests or incidents on Thursday.

Last week, deputies arrested two Dutch tourists were attracted by the “Storm and Area-51.” The men pled guilty to hacking into a secure US site is nowhere to be found in the vicinity of Area 51, and they were convicted and sentenced to three days in jail after promising to pay nearly $ 2,300 per fines and penalties.


Fox News’ Paulina Dedaj, and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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