Storm Area 51′ in Nevada tour, owner’s to pause, travel, warning visitors: “They take the place very seriously,’

connectVideo to Storm Area 51, asks for emergency declaration in Nevada

However, officials in the two rural Nevada counties have signed on to be a state of emergency declaration ahead of the Storm,’ Area 51′ events, William La Jeunesse reporting.

When the masses eventually descend on the rural areas of Nevada’s landscape and, later this month, and the viral Storm Area 51,” the event and its related festivals that have sprung up after the founding, do not expect to get the full alien experience, with Tryon and the tour company.

Area 51 is the most well-known as the site of a rumored government studies of outer space and aliens. The Storm Area 51,” Facebook event went viral in July, as a people, has promised the crash of a secret military base in an attempt to get you to “see” aliens.” More than 3 million Facebook users have now said that they are going to more than 1.4 million, to reply, they were interested in.

After going viral, in the event that it started out as a joke — spurred-on the two rural Nevada counties based on the design of the emergency declarations, and with the local police department’s plan to have a team of resources with the state and neighboring provinces ahead of the Oct. 20-22 events.

In this April 10, 2002, file photo, a vehicle moves along the Extraterrestrial Highway near Rachel, Nev., the closest town to Area 51.
(AP Photo/Laura Rauch, File)

Tryon, the owner of the Las Vegas strip, and Adventure Tours, the operator of a GetYourGuide’s, Area 51 tour, told Fox News on Monday that the company will not be available to customers in the area from Sept. 19 to 22, out of concern that things are “difficult,” including the possibility that the few gas stations in the area could run out of fuel.

“We have to think first of the safety of their customers,” he said. “I don’t think that it will turn out to be a customer in that kind of situation, it is a safe bet.”


One of the alien-related party has been scheduled in the town of Rachel, located at about 148 km north-west of the famous Las Vegas strip. The city’s official web site warns you that there is no gas in the shop, in the town of 54 people, to the nearest gas station or 50 miles south in Ash Springs, or 110 miles north in Tonopah.

Second, the Nevada county declares emergency ahead of a Storm Area 51′

Nye County, Nevada, said it is “preparing for the worst’ ahead of the event.

Tryon, which has been carried out in the Area 51 tour is for over 18 years, told Fox News that he was not at all surprised at the Facebook event went viral, as people across the country want to know what is going on in a top-secret military base.

“It’s just a result of the American desire to get to know it,” he said on Monday. “Even though it’s storming Area 51, I think, that it is not a good idea. They will take place very, very seriously.”

The tour company owner, said that it is the best time to visit is in the spring or fall, when the weather conditions are “perfect” in the high desert area. The viral Facebook event, just so happens to be when the weather conditions and the introduction of the “best time of the year,” said Tryon.

He stressed, however, that those of you who will be staying in Las Vegas and can’t get back in and back on one tank of fuel, and if they are going to attempt to make a trek on their own, especially if there is traffic or any other incident, on the very few roads in the area.

“Trapped in the desert, it is not a good thing,” he told Fox News. “You may become dehydrated and end up in serious trouble.”

To sign up for the Little A ‘ Le ‘ Inn, a flying saucer hanging from the tow truck, Rachel, Nv, near Area 51.
(Getty Images)

This is the reason why he advises people to make sure they are a certified tour operator, in particular, to the avoidance of a weekend of planned events. His company is a full-day excursion, travelers, head out along the famous “Extraterrestrial Highway”, and the presentation of the beautiful wilderness, complete with a stop at the Little A ‘ le ‘ Inn is a 6-foot Native american rock art, that is, on foreigners, and to have the opportunity to stand on the outer edge of the base, without fear of arrest.

“For the fans, it’s a celebration,” Tryon told Fox News. “It has this mystique about it.”


Tryon who conducted tours for visitors from all over the world, “the viral Facebook event that has caused a great uptick” of interest in the excursions in the surrounding area.

Nevada county shall not permit Storm and Area-51″, as an event, it issues emergency declaration

Varlin Higbee, chair of the Lincoln County Commission, said that the small community’s resources will be exhausted quickly, even if 12,000 people showed up for the mysterious event.

Lauren Hillhouse, GetYourGuide is the destination manager for Arizona and Nevada, told Fox News on Monday that the area are usually in the best interest of our customers in the united states, but the European tour is a company, has seen searches come from people in places such as South America, Germany, Italy, and Spain. The traffic in the Area is 51 activity page to increase as much as 20 times the normal level in the previous month, according to GetYourGuide.

“I think they’re looking for rides, but they can be found on his tours of the city,” she said on Monday.


Hillhouse said that the Area 51 tours, and were not even at the highest points of interest on the Facebook event and “blew up.” She told me that, in addition to avoidance of the area between Sept. 19 to 22, and anyone who is interested in visiting the Area 51 region, to ensure that they will have to sign up for a legitimate tour, and a genuine experience.

“Go through a verified source, do your research and be prepared,” she told Fox News.

In this July 22, 2019 at the latest image file, follow signs to warn of intrusion at the entrance to the Nevada Test and Training Range in the vicinity of Area 51, out of Rachel, Nev.
(AP Photo/John Locher, File)

Tryon, who is “in love” with the south-West, about 27 years ago, he said he was going to be next weekend, on his own, with a film crew, and gas to get to keep an eye on what happens around you.

He is also convinced that the military has to be a space ship, and even aliens get in there, with the indication of the information regarding the crash of an unidentified object in Roswell, N. M., on July 8, 1947. Government officials have labeled the crashed object was a weather balloon.

“Are we alone in the universe? Of course, we’re not like that,” he told Fox News.


He said it also earlier this year, the U.S. department of the Navy pilots are reporting Ufo’s have been spotted at the training course on the East Coast 2014 and 2015, only adds to the intrigue of these people are on the secret site.

“The American people want to know what goes on in Area 51, and they deserve to know what goes on in Area 51,” he said.

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