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On the 20th of September, a group in search of answers to long-held secrecy of plans to “storm” the Area is 51. Fox News has embarked on a 10-hour that leads up to the mysterious and compounding the experience of the journey is up to others to do.

RACHEL, Nev. In the middle of the open desert, but there will always be someone to watch.

On the outskirts of the small town of Rachel, Nev., about 140 miles north of Las Vegas, is one of the entrances to the mysterious Area 51, is an outgrowth of the barbed-wire fence and a gate with multiple security cameras trained on anyone who approaches on the public right of way.

“It was a surreal experience,” Jasmeena Samrai told Fox News. I was with a group for a guided tour, while on a trip to the Vegas area as part of a bachelor party.


The united states has issued stern warnings to the people not to approach the gates of the Nevada Test and Training Range, where Area 51 is located.

The so-called “back gate” to Area 51, and located on a dirt road just outside of Rachel, Nev.
Travis Fedschun/Fox News)

Area 51 and tested aircraft ranging from the U-2 in the mid-1950s to the B-2 stealth bomber in the 1980s. The government has spent decades refusing to acknowledge that the site may have existed before the release of the documents from which it appears that, in January, 2013.

The continued secrecy of the site, as it has led to rumors of the government studies of space aliens and crashed Ufos.

With that In mind, and with tongue in cheek, planted in the Storm Area 51,” Facebook event went viral in July, as the people are promised that in the event of the secret military base in an attempt to get you to “see” aliens.”

Area 51 raid is called off, but the fans still going to have to collect them, while the officers are at the ready

Nye County sheriff is warning the desert is not a friendly environment for the human visitors, from William La Jeunesse reports from Los Angeles, california.

More than 2 million Facebook users have now said that they will go to 1.4 million, says that they are at least interested in.

On the way to the gates without a professional and certified tour group is sure to face more challenges.

The roads that lead to the gate areas of the Area 51 that intersect with other dirt and gravel roads, which makes it easy for you to accidentally on private property. That trip to the field, and with the support of a regular GPS — by this, the pro-guide — risk of large fines and terms of imprisonment, and among the many dangers that threaten them.

The road that leads to the main entrance of Area 51 that intersects another dirt and gravel roads, so it’s easy to get lost in it.
Travis Fedschun/Fox News)

“If you don’t know what are the areas in which you do not want to get to know the product, Know the Games, and a tour guide in Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Adventure Tours, told Fox News on Wednesday for a 10-hour tour of the area. The games are described the roads as “a spider web” that will make it easy for you to get lost in it.

An unmarked white truck emerges from a side road, the road on the way to Area 51, the so-called “back-gate” on Wednesday.
Travis Fedschun/Fox News)

Traveling through the region, home to Joshua trees and the spread of wild animals in the distant eddies of dust, it can be seen that, upon closer examination, can be seen as a stirred up a trace of a passing vehicle. On the way to what is known as the Area 51 “back gate,” a white, unmarked truck, seemed to be on the other side of the road before driving in another direction as the other vehicle is in the far-off hills.

A herd of antelopes can be seen from the crossing of the road that leads to the ‘back gate’ of Area 51.
Travis Fedschun/Fox News)

At one point during the drive to the gate, a herd of antelope, and slowly walked to the other side of the road tour vehicles will be interrupted.


In the second approach, the fenced-in area, a visitor noticed the signs warning against the abandonment of the public right of way, and warn against, the more and closer and closer.

To the rear is access to the Area-51, off a dirt road in Rachel, Nev.
Travis Fedschun/Fox News)

“If you are thinking of trespassing on the Nevada Test and Training Range Boundary, keep in mind, the following are the results,” one sign read.

A sign warning of the consequences of the intrusion.
Travis Fedschun/Fox News)

The possible consequences of this? What’s the deal with this?

1. With a $1,000 fine

2. Having a car towed and confiscated.

3. Put in the Hiko, Nev., in order to be processed.

“As soon as it becomes available, you will be responsible for transporting it to the location you want to travel,” the sign reads.

If a person got closer to the gate, and all of the security cameras turned out to be almost all together to focus on the tour group. The flashing red lights on the gate started to burn.

Anjali Gore, Jasmeena Samrai, Sharon, Jassi, Aleisha Kaur outside the rear entrance to Area 51 near Rachel, Nev.
Travis Fedschun/Fox News)

“It’s great that you’re here and that’s Area 51 right there,” Jasmeena Samrai told Fox News. “It was a surreal experience. It’s an experience, like a movie.”


The tour will pass by an unmarked semi-truck and trailers of incoming mail in the direction of the door. The driver covered his face with his hands as he continued to run.

The Internet is a joke, the storm, the mysterious location has been the driving force for the two rural Nevada counties, on the design of an emergency declaration by the local police of their plan to pool resources with the state and neighboring provinces ahead of the Sept. 20-22 events.

During the day on Wednesday, scores of emergency vehicles could be seen heading north along US 93 to the site, as well as changing rooms, which can be seen in the fire and rescue personnel.

The subject matter of a unmarked white truck, it can be seen in one of the streets in the vicinity of one of the entrances to Area 51 near Rachel, Nev.

The Alien-themed party, have led officials to the hundreds of law enforcement officers and medics on hand, along with the Nevada National Guard.

Deputies in Nye County last week was arrested by two Dutch tourists, are attracted by the “Storm Area 51.” The men pled guilty to hacking into a secure US site is nowhere to be found in the vicinity of Area 51, and had promised to pay thousands in fines.

The County legislative authorities of Nye County, which is home to a striking green branch is called the Area 51 Alien Center, even if it is not remotely close to an actual connection) have discouraged people from trying to get the ufo’s are in there.

“We are taking precautionary measures for the control of the back roads,” Sheriff Sharon Wehrly told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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