Storm Area 51 has alien believers, “most of the time in the vicinity of the gate, look to the heavens,” in the sense of the spirit of

connectVideo to “Storm the Area for 51′ festival kicks off in Nevada

The y-like atmosphere that builds the event was inspired by a Facebook post, to the work; Jonathan Hunt reports from Hiko, Nv.

RACHEL, Nev. On a lonely dirt road towards one of the entrances to the mysterious Area 51, the only thing that seemed to “jump” on a Friday, it was all the dust kicked up from any vehicle to make the trip for selfies and group photos.

After months and months of hype — and prepared to deal with emergencies, which saw hundreds of law enforcement and fire officials to scatter all over the high desert, the area around Rachel, Nev., about 140 miles north of Las Vegas, Las Vegas — the hardcore alien believers and those open to having their mind changed, to the existence of extra-terrestrials gathered outside the military base, and were generally just happy to be there.

“I’ve always looked up to the heavens, but I have always loved for my own sake, because you’re not talking about that kind of stuff and now everyone is talking about these things because it’s easier to come out in the open, with a member of the faithful,” Lisa Miller, who came from Kentucky, told Fox News.

“I’ve always looked up to the heavens, but I have always loved for my own sake, because you’re not talking about that kind of stuff and now everyone is talking about these things because it’s easier to come out in the open to be a believer.”

— Lisa Miller, the Kentuckian who has traveled to Area 51 in Nevada


Miller, who is currently on a “sample dish of a holiday in the south West, said they were in the early hours of the morning on Friday and the actual “capture” takes place. She described the scene as, perhaps, up to 50 people, but “no one is that stupid.”

Lisa Miller, told Fox News she’s “always looked up to the sky.”
Travis Fedschun/Fox News)

“I love the people, and to tell you, everyone is looking to get to the gate. Take a look at the sky because you don’t know what you’re going to see out here in the desert,” Miller told Fox News. “Stop looking at the port, and the development of the mind.”

On the way to the gate, there were dozens of vehicles to travel in both directions, kicking up large plumes of dust along the way.

Crowds gathering outside the back gate to Area 51 in Rachel, Nev.
Travis Fedschun/Fox News)

After parking their car near a “road closed” sign, and about 20 people ran up to the gate, which serves as an entrance to Area 51. When they finally arrived, they were greeted by about eight police vehicles with officers milling around.

An officer also told Fox News that the men will come and go throughout the day, but their numbers were never overwhelming. Most of the bands stuck around for the next 10 minutes, taking selfies and other photos of the port before heading back to their rides into the desert to see the sights along the “Extraterrestrial Highway.”

The scene Friday afternoon outside the back gate to Area 51 in Rachel, Nev.
Travis Fedschun/Fox News)

For the Daisy is Blue, and the One of Huang of Tennessee, make the trip to the gate, and took thousands and thousands of miles. While they are not to be greeted by a huge crowd, as One, said that it was nice to get out and see the officers outside on guard, and communicate with them.

“It’s lived up to my expectations,” Huang told Fox News.


Area 51 and tested aircraft ranging from the U-2 in the mid-1950s to the B-2 stealth bomber in the 1980s. The government has spent decades refusing to acknowledge that the site may have existed before the release of the documents from which it appears that it is in the 2013.De continued secrecy surrounding the site, as it has led to rumors of the government studies of space aliens and crashed Ufos.

Have A Look Outside Of Area 51

On the 20th of September, a group in search of answers to long-held secrecy of plans to “storm” the Area is 51. Fox News has embarked on a 10-hour-long tour that leads up to the mysterious and compounding the experience of the journey is up to others to take action.

With that In mind, and with tongue in cheek, planted in the Storm Area 51,” Facebook event went viral in July, as a people, are pledged to the excess of the basis in an attempt to get you to “see” aliens.”

After all the hype, and prepare for emergencies, officials said only two arrests have been made, at the alien-themed events, Rachel and Hiko.

Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee told FOX5 Las Vegas that the arrests were made during the night between late Thursday and Friday early in the morning. As a Canadian citizen, was arrested in Hiko, for indecent exposure, but later released. A second alcohol-related arrest, and the suspect was taken to a reservation in Pioche.

Spectators take pictures of the outside of the back gate of Area 51, as spectators look on.
Travis Fedschun/Fox News)

The sheriff in the neighboring Nye County, said that about 40 people who gathered at night in a striking green, the “Area 51 Alien Center in Amargosa Valley and about 3 o’clock, and went to the base gate, to the left after heated warnings” from staff members.


The gathering at the gate, which is the scene of the conflict, it was instead something that was “cool” to Alex Bauer, Danny Meyer, and Jack Homan, Chicago.

Jack Homan, Danny Meyer, and Alex Bauer, from Chicago, said it was “awesome” to be there.
Travis Fedschun/Fox News)

“It was my expectations,” Meyer told Fox News. “It’s a little anticlimactic, but I’m from the Midwest, so it’s kind of beautiful, just look at all the scenery.”

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