Stop smoking, if you do that

World Non-Rokendag, on Friday, may 31, to encourage smokers to their cigarettes to say goodbye. What is the best way to stop smoking? Four experts give advice.

Do not try on their own to stop, but seek professional guidance, recommends that each expert. “Every smoker is different and must discover what stopping for him right. The easiest way is to under the guidance,” says Carl Simons, president and ceo of Foundation Stop to be Aware of.

Smoking addiction has two components

An addiction consists of two aspects, both of which to a greater or lesser extent, tackled. Doctor-epidemiologist Esther Croes from the Trimbos-institute: “one aspect is the physical dependence of nicotine. The second is the gewoonteverslaving; you’re used to one of them after dinner, to smoke, or in the café, but also by for example stress.”

“A gedachtekronkel: what do you mean, ‘smoking is very pleasant? So the 75 percent of the people who does not smoke, is not fun?”
Wanda de Kanter, pulmonologist

Anyone who thinks that a cigarette is relaxing has got it wrong. A cigarette butt helps not at all against stress, against the withdrawal symptoms from the previous cigarette, which is felt as stress. “That association, you can still years. For example, a divorce or money problems, you suddenly think: I take a cigarette, it relaxes. This is precisely why that help is so important.”

Gedachtekronkels about smoking unraveled

With rookstopbegeleiding you learn how to addict brain you fool. Wanda de Kanter, pulmonologist and tabaksindustrieactivist, says: “It is a form of cognitive behavioral therapy, you gedachtekronkels be unraveled. What do you mean, ‘smoking is very pleasant? So the 75 percent of the people who does not smoke, is not fun?”

Some smokers must also learn to cope with frustration or sadness, says Simons: “If you as a teenager are going to smoke, it was exactly when you would learn to deal with emotions.” Also can a coach help when choosing any materials for the physical rehabilitation.

With a few tools against the physical addiction

  • Hampix (on prescription): ensure that cigarettes are less tasty flavors
  • Other prescription drugs, such as Zyban and Pamelor, can help with withdrawal symptoms
  • Nicotine patches: make for a kind of ‘base level of nicotine in your body and build up slowly
  • Nicotinekauwgom: give only one dose of nicotine at the sudden pull in a cigarette Also, this is being phased out
  • Note: not everyone has such tools are needed. At whom not so much smoke, the physical addiction limited

Not every stopcoach is suitable

How to get a rookstopbegeleider? The Kanter advises the nurse of the doctor. Not every practice, however, has such a service. Willemsen advises in that case, do go to the doctor, to be directed, or a companion to search that is recommended at the Trimbos-site In addition, this Means to Stop Smoking all the coaches that are training to rookstopbegeleider have done.

Everyone should have a ‘coach’ in the Netherlands, but that does not mean that everyone has also the right knowledge and experience for rookstophulp. “Some guidance can even harm, because they, for example, pharmacotherapy really discourages while we know that for many people it just works.”

Plan to stop smoking

  • Looking for a tutor, for example, from the gp
  • Choose a smart stopmoment, preferably a period of time with little stress
  • Think about why you want to quit
  • Do all of your packs and lighters out of the door, otherwise it is a mistake very easily made
  • Inform your environment, so that know you in the coming days, additional irritable, and you can support
  • Remember each morning what times you day probably gets a meaning in a cigarette and how yourself and distracting, for example, with a mint
  • Be well prepared if you are on your own stops

    And what if, per se, on their own, want to stop? “Of course,” said Croes. “Of the one million smokers who tried to give up smoking venture, but only 5 percent that fully with coaching and pills.” Be well-prepared, advises The Kanter. “Make sure that you know why you want to stop and write that down.”

    “Ask yourself: why do I smoke? What gives me, and how do I fill that emptiness if I, for example, bored? And what if someone is a cigarette offers, or if you have a setback? Be prepared.” On its website, The Kanter a questionnaire that allows you to thoughts in a row.

    An average of five stoppogingen needed

    Most smokers have, on average, five stoppogingen necessary before they are permanently smoking. Allows you to not demotivate, Simons: “that experience can teach you.” And that self-knowledge increases your chances in a following attempt.

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