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Robocall Reboot

Q: I am so tired of the robocalls. Is there a way to stop them for good?

A: The robocall is if the mosquito of telecommunications, bugging us to the point of madness. So why do companies (and criminals) still hold on to such unpleasant method? Well, it works. Plenty of people still relent or refuse to hang out, or even with the hand over their credit card numbers that the masterminds behind robocalls would be crazy to their racket. But you don’t have to suffer no more because there are several ways to put an end to robocalls. Tap or click here for seven ways to stop robocalls.

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Rabbit Ears TV

Q: I was thinking about getting a tv antenna to pick up local channels for free. How do I know how many channels are available before I spend the money on an antenna?

A: there are plenty of people who prefer the variety of hundreds of channels, or the flexibility of streaming video, or a coveted channel in particular, such as FoxNews. But there is something old-fashioned and simple, free digital content, broadcast through the ether and picked up by antennas with the same finesse as TV-sets, a half-century ago. Then again, what can you expect to watch? Which channels are even available in your region? And the offer will keep you sufficiently entertained? Fortunately, there is an easy way to answer all these questions. Tap or click here for an overview of all available TV channels in your region, via a handy web tool.

Where in the World is the Game?

Q: You reviewed a excellent geography game, but I can’t find it. You were shown images from all over the world and had to guess where you are. Please tell me the name! I thought it was great!

A: Oh, it’s all fine and well to quiz yourself with a blank political map or try to recite the U.S. capitals, but this game requires much more research. By moving the camera and zooming in on specific details, you can find signs, license plates, and pieces of text that indicate the location. The game is even more fun if you compete against another player, testing each other in a battle of geographical knowledge. Tap or click here for a cool geography game you will play time and time again.

Stealth Looking

Q: How do you use the internet anonymously? I am so confused. Is there a special browser?

A: Many people think that they can make use of the Incognito mode on Chrome, or the equivalent in other browsers, and this will protect them are followed. But this is incorrect; incognito only prevents the browser from keeping a record of the sites you visited, but your IP address will still be visible to others. So how can you indeed be a “cloaking device” for your computer? It is simple. Tap or click here to learn how to surf the web anonymously.

Uber Accidents

Q: Uber self-driving car killed a woman in Arizona. What do you think of self-driving technology? We must have the trust?

A: You’re right, a woman died in Tempe, not far from where I live. This is a terrible incident, and Uber should be held to task. The public is almost certain to jump to conclusions: on the one hand, people will say that this technology is absurd, the crash was inevitable, and “self-driving cars” are a fantasy. On the other hand, this accident was due to human error, the situation can be changed, and the autonomous vehicles are still the way of the future. Uber is not the development of a space flight or a secret weapon; they are a fleet of cars that ordinary people can be used as standard transport. So this is a problem that we should pay particular attention to. Tap or click here for my take on Arizona’s fatal Uber crash.

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