Stolen jewels Kim Kardashian remelted

Stolen jewels Kim Kardashian remelted

Photo: AFP

The jewelry of Kim Kardashian have been stolen in Paris, were thieves melted in Antwerp. This confirms one of the perpetrators of the French police. The engagement ring from Kardashian is still in the hands of a gang member.

Reported that The Standard on the basis of the French newspaper Le Monde, that the hearing be in the hands of the sixty-year old gang member, Aomar Ait Khedache.

About the exact loot, did Ait Khedache no statements. However, he admitted that the jewels are melted, such as the French police have long suspected. “Someone has about it is important and has come back with the gold. About 800 grams, good for 25.000 to 28.000 euro.”

Aomar Ait Khedache, nicknamed ‘Le Vieux’ (‘Old’), opened at the French police’s detailed report of the robbery, all stressed the thief that no weapons were used and that they Kardashian “gently” treated.

The engagement ring, worth about four million, should, according to him, still in the hands of one of the gang members. “No one dare to sell.”

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